21 Best Caribbean Islands With Kids for 2024

January 1, 2024

Grenada in August

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Picking the best Caribbean islands with kids can be so overwhelming. Not anymore!

The beaches, clear blue waters, and relaxing vibes of the islands are calling your name. If you’re a parent, you may be worried about just jetting off to whichever island you choose. With limited time away with your family, you want to head to one of the best Caribbean islands with kids

Your kids are constantly changing, and so are you! The best Caribbean islands for families with toddlers might not be the best island to visit with kids who need adventure sports, waves, or great snorkeling. 

After visiting more than a dozen kid friendly islands (and researching many, many more), it’s become clear that finding the best Caribbean island with kids is really a matchmaking game. 

Stop looking for the absolute best Caribbean island for kids. Let's find the best islands for YOUR kids, for YOUR stage of life, and for YOUR travel goals and budget.

Lucky for you, we have a brand new resource that makes this as easy as can be. 

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Once your guide is on the way, pour yourself a Pina Colada, and let’s learn more about the best kid friendly islands for your next vacation.

These 21 kid friendly Caribbean islands that are fabulous choices for your Caribbean family vacation. For each one, read on for who the island works best for -- babies, toddlers, elementary school kids, teens, or all ages -- luxury, lounging, or adventure. See our favorite hotels and activities too!

In many ways, you can’t go wrong. Every Caribbean island offers something unique. Frankly, we haven’t been to a Caribbean island with kids that we think would be bad choice.  

But the goal is to help you narrow down the choices, to assess which of these best Caribbean islands for families is best for YOU. 

Let’s cut through the information overload and get to the point.  

Grenada With Kids Guide

The Best Caribbean Islands With Kids 

1. Grenada

Grenada was my first Caribbean love. Located at the bottom of the eastern Caribbean chain, just north of Trinidad & Tobago, it has it all. 

Grenada has a few fantastic small hotels. Our favorites have an authentic vibe rather than a cookie-cutter resort feel. 

The island  otherwise remains largely under the tourism radar. There are a couple of up-scale restaurants and plenty of beachfront dining. There are no high rises here to spoil the view or overcrowd the shore.

Grenada's real star is the best produce market in the Caribbean, with bins overflowing with tropical fruits and vegetables. And spices. All the spices. Grenada is called the Spice Island for a reason. You’ll be spoiled for choices if you enjoy cooking on vacation, especially with local ingredients. 

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or something more active, Grenada is among the best Caribbean islands for families. Especially families who love to cook.


For kids of all ages, a main attraction is Grand Anse Beach, one of the Caribbean’s best beaches: a two-mile stretch of white sand backed by palm trees. It’s shallow and calm, making it ideal for young kids to swim. The more adventurous travelers will love Grenada’s lush rainforest interior, with hikes and waterfalls aplenty.

There’s also a medical school right near the best hotels! This may help to ease the minds of nervous parents looking for the best Caribbean islands for babies. 

One note: Grenada is among the hardest islands to navigate by car for unexperienced island drivers. If you’ve driven in the islands before, you’ll love it. If not, we’d love to help you arrange excursions with a driver.

Best Caribbean Island For Kids: Turks

2. Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

Providenciales is widely considered to be one of the best islands in the Caribbean for families. Its international airport has some of the shortest and most frequent direct flights from many East Coast cities. The convenience factor of Turks and Caicos is hard to beat.

What’s more, 3-mile long Grace Bay Beach is consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. It’s a calm, kid-friendly beach dotted with luxury family resorts and easy access to snorkeling. If sparking blue water is on your wish list, you’ll find it here. 

One thing that really makes Turks & Caicos a uniquely great Caribbean destination for families is that many of the luxury hotels have suites with multiple bedrooms and full kitchens. Grocery shopping in Turks and Caicos is easy. And on top of all that, there are plenty beachfront restaurants nearby that the whole family will love. 

With a great selection of luxury resorts – some with kids clubs! – a calm beach, and easy access from major U.S. cities, we think Turks and Caicos is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit with toddlers in particular.  

If you are traveling with older kids, and looking to break up your trip with something more adventurous, take a quick and easy ferry to relatively empty Middle Caicos. Stay at Dragon Cay Resort and wake up to some of the best views anywhere.

Turks and Caicos Is: 

  • The best Caribbean island for families with toddlers who want something lovely and easy;  
  • The perfect location for a luxury resort stay;  
  • Best for a great beach, clear water, and a walkable town;  
  • Not for the budget conscious, as its among the more pricey and built-up islands. 

3. French Saint Martin 

We know several families who have returned to the French side of Saint Martin again and again, having had fantastic trips with kids of all ages. Much as we love exploring new Caribbean destinations, St. Martin is one we’ve been tempted to revisit.  

A top reason to love St. Martin: the villas. French Saint Martin has an extensive inventory of gorgeous villas, which somehow remain more affordable than those in other top Caribbean destinations for kids. Families who dream of finding a sprawling Caribbean manor to rent with extended family or groups of friends should defintiely consider Saint Martin. 

And, of course, if you prefer a hotel experience, you’ll find that in St. Martin / Sint Maarten! We love two small boutique hotels in Grand Case, where you’ll have both beaches and food at your fingertips: Hotel L’Esplanade and Grand Case Beach Club are both walking distance to some of the islands best restaurants. 

Another great thing about tackling Saint Martin with kids is that it’s easy to get around by car. The island has 37 different beaches, many of them calm and swimmable with littles. You’ll want to leave the villa and explore them. There’s also plenty do in Saint Martin beyond the beach

Our favorite St Martin beach is the stunning Pinel Island, which has perfect swimming conditions for kids and great beachside service for adults. A day at Pinel Island is a Caribbean dream.

Another reason to love Saint Martin? The French food. We love the French Caribbean vibe, starting the day with pastries or crepes for the kids, and coffee for mom and dad, before heading off to the beach. The casual lolo restaurants that dot St. Martin’s towns and beaches are also excellent for kids.

Saint Martin Is: 

  • One of the best Caribbean islands for young families;  
  • Best for those who want to explore a safe, small island that’s easy to navigate; 
  • Full of delightful food in two walkable towns; 
  • Great for families seeking a small casual hotel, or groups looking to book a villa. 
Best Caribbean Islands with Kids - Roatan

4. Roatan, Honduras

When you think of Honduras, you might not immediately imagine a kid-friendly Caribbean island. But Roatan, Honduras is truly a hidden gem for family travel.

There’s nothing fancy about Roatan, and that’s why we love it. This little island packs in a ton for kids, from animal encounters to snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, all without pretense or fuss. For a detailed account, check out our blog post on why Roatan is great for kids

Roatan is known for its diving, but the reef starts just off-shore. What that means for parents traveling with little ones is that the off-shore snorkeling is phenomenal. Young swimmers can wade into the water and see the reef teeming with colorful fish.

At West Bay Beach, a particularly great spot for families, low-key restaurants line the sand, offering a relaxed atmosphere and affordable prices.  

Beyond the beach, there are plenty of activities for kids in Roatan. Your little travelers will also love meeting the island’s friendly monkeys, sloths, and iguanas. And, perhaps best of all, Roatan remains an affordable destination, even as other Caribbean islands have become increasingly expensive. So if you’re looking for best tropical family vacations on a budget, be sure to add Roatan to your list!  And don’t miss our complete guide to Roatan for families for tips on where to stay and what to do. 

Roatan Is: 

  • One of the best Caribbean islands for kids who snorkel; 
  • An excellent choices for children who love animals; 
  • A gem for families seeking the road less traveled, and those on a budget.
Best Caribbean Island For Kids

5. Dominica

When it comes to Caribbean island vacations, Dominica — not to be confused with the Dominican Republic — is often overlooked in favor of more mainstream destinations like Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Dominica’s dramatic oceanside cliffs, rich history and culture, and great hotel options offer something unique for families looking to get off the beaten path. It may be the best island in the Caribbean for families looking for an active and adventure-packed vacation. It doesn’t surprise us in the least that Travel and Leisure placed Dominica at the very top of the best Caribbean islands 2022 list.

Dominica’s network of hiking trails, waterfalls, and natural pools are unparalleled in the region, making it the perfect place for nature lovers. There are also opportunities for whale watching, snorkeling, and swimming. (Rainforest spa, anyone?)

In terms of accommodations, your options range from some of the region’s best luxury resorts to family-owned eco-cottages. You can also find small boutique hotels with private pools. Whatever you’re looking for you can find it in Dominica. 

Because Dominica is not your beach-lounge type of vacation, this island may be best enjoyed with elementary-school-aged kids rather than toddlers and babies.

Dominica Is: 

  • One of the best Caribbean islands with kids who love hiking, waterfalls, and adventure; 
  • A top Caribbean island for families with kids age 4+; 
  • A large island with mountainous, windy roads – not for the faint of heart; 
  • Full of accomodation options, ranging from the most luxurious to the tiniest of eco-cottages.  
Bequia: A Top Kid-Friendly Caribbean Destination

6. Bequia, St Vincent & The Grenadines

If you’re looking for a family Caribbean vacation that combines adventure with a touch of family friendly luxury, look no further than Bequia.

A handful of small, lush hills plunge down into white sand bays that are perfect for smaller swimmers. The island is located in the Grenadines, just south of St. Vincent. Bequia is best accessed by a 1-hour ferry from St. Vincent, although there are also direct charter flights from Barbados and St. Lucia. It requires a journey but it’s totally worth it if you have a week or more for your Caribbean family vacation.

Once on the island, visitors will love the throw-back Caribbean charm. While there is plenty to do, the pace of this tiny island is relaxed and relaxing. Families will have no choice but to slow down. Check out our complete guide to Bequia with kids for all the details, including where to stay and what to do.

If you’re intrigued but wondering where to stay, Bequia Beach Hotel is one of our all-time favorite Caribbean resorts for kids.  The family vacation we spent there, when our kids with 8 months and 4 years old, was one of our best. Kids and parents alike will love the saltwater pool and well-prepared Caribbean fare (there is also an on-site Italian restaurant during the busy season). The hotel offers easy access to the island’s best beach for kids, Princess Margaret beach.

For a slower, laid-back trip off the beaten path, Bequia is absolutely one of the best islands to visit with kids.

Bequia Is: 

  • The best Caribbean island for families who don’t mind a slightly longer journey to paradise; 
  • A place where time slows, hours pass, and everyone relaxes; 
  • A great choice for families of all ages. 

7. Bonaire 

It’s always a treat to find a remote Caribbean destination that’s not overly developed or touristy. But often, those destinations are either hard to get to, or hard to navigate. After all, that’s what keeps the tourists away. Bonaire feels like a secret, and yet it’s somehow easy. That combination is why we think Bonaire is one of the best Caribbean islands for kids.  

You will know the moment you arrive that you’re in a very special place. Compared to its more populated neighbors, Aruba and Curacao, Bonaire is quiet, with only a fraction of the population. The town of Kralendijk is colorful and lively – but compact enough that you will never more than a few blocks away from the ice cream shop in the middle.

It’s all about the sea here. Since 1979, the waters surrounding Bonaire have been part of a national marine park, and the marine life is the best we’ve seen in the Caribbean. The wildlife is abundant and accessible to kids — flamingos, iguanas, crabs, reef fish, and more are at your fingertips all day. Take your kids to explore Bonaire’s best beaches, and you’ll often be the only people around. 

And yet, Bonaire makes it easy for families at every turn. Customs is quick, the airport is small, and you can be at your hotel within an hour of landing in Bonaire. The U.S. dollar is widely accepted. The hotel staff is friendly, warm and welcoming. And the island’s small size, and flat landscape, makes it easy to explore. 

Bonaire is: 

  • The perfect, easy destination for kids of all ages, but especially those who love water;  
  • Flat and very easy to navigate by car, with a charming walkable town in the center; 
  • A good choice for those who love a blossing food scene; 
  • Full of nature and access to wildlife. 

8. Curacao

Curacao island is often overlooked as a top Caribbean travel destination. But especially for families seeking a deal, and seeking to travel during hurricane season, it’s an incredible choice!  Read more here about why we think Curacao is a top family destination

Here’s what in store for you in magical Curacao:  Pristine beaches tucked into small coves.  Accessible snorkeling.  A day trip to a deserted island. A colorful capital city offering a wide range of culinary treats.  Myriad hotel options, ranging from some of the most affordable beachfront resorts in the Caribbean to ultimate boutique luxury.  

Because of its location, Curacao is often compared to its sister Dutch islands of Aruba and Bonaire.  Yet in many ways, the three could not be more different. The ABC islands each have something unique to offer your family

Curacao is the more European, and urban, of the three islands. The capital city, Willemstaad, is like a prism that reflects back all the colors of the Caribbean.  But there’s access to nature beyond the city center, with a national park on the island’s eastern end. 

Curacao is: 

  • One of the best Caribbean islands for families who don’t want to be surrounded by Americans; 
  • A good option for a mix of sand and sea, but also fine-dining and European shopping; 
  • Best for families with kids who want to explore, and who are old enough to snorkel. 

9. Antigua

Antigua is perfect for parents who want to unwind and relax. The island has several small, all-inclusive resorts, that offer the serenity and calm of a boutique hotel but the amenities of a larger resort.   

And there is still plenty to do. Antigua is known for its 365 beaches — one for each day of the year — offering plenty of chances to explore and making this one of the best family vacation spots in the Caribbean.

Another highlight of a family trip to Antigua would be the weekly barbecue at Shirley Heights, which offers the best view on the island (shown above). On Sundays, the great food and live music create a festive atmosphere that is perfect for family fun.

Antigua also offers a snorkeling experience that caters to younger travelers, which makes it an especially good trip for the under 5 crowd. Long Bay Beach, on Antigua’s east coast, has plentiful marine life on a reef in shallow water. In fact, the reefs are so shallow that you can walk to them, and even kids who can’t swim yet may be able to see fish and practice with snorkel masks.

If you’re based in or near New York, Antigua should be high on your list of family friendly Caribbean islands, as several airlines offer direct flights from JFK.  

Antigua is: 

  • One of the best Caribbean islands to visit with babies, toddlers, and grandparents; 
  • A safe and sleepy island, with small luxury all-inclusive resorts, but no megahotels or waterslides; 
  • Great for families who want a kids club, with lots of options for ave 3+; 
  • Fantastic for boat lovers or history buffs, with a historic dockyard worth exploring. 
Saint Kitts Is Among the Best Caribbean Islands For Kids

10. Saint Kitts

We often get requests for the best family friendly Caribbean islands with activities beyond the beach.  If that sounds like you, St Kitts may be the right choice for your best family Caribbean vacation. 

Saint Kitts is steeped in history, and the land-based activities seem endless. With little kids, start with Brimstone Hill Fortress, perhaps one of the Caribbean’s best forts for kids. This massive stone fortress with maze-like ramps and stairs will certainly help kids burn off energy. Families with young children can also hop among the black sand beaches on the island’s Caribbean side, or just relax at one of the best luxury Caribbean resorts for families, the iconic Park Hyatt.

For older kids, the activities in Saint Kitts seem endless.  To start, there the Saint Kitts scenic train — a three-hour journey, best enjoyed with lots of snacks. But what kid doesn’t want to take a train in vacation? Parents will love the 360-degree view from the top deck. Adventurous families can also zipline through the jungle, ride horses on the beach, or ATV through the rainforest. 

Of course, when it’s time to relax, St. Kitts has great beaches for families too. The best beaches in St. Kitts on the kids are on the Caribbean side. These are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and building sandcastles. With all this variety, you’re bound to have a fantastic family trip.

Saint Kitts is: 

  • Great for families looking for adventures beyond the beach; 
  • An excellent choice for a two-island trip, combined with nearby Nevis; 
  • Best for those seeking an authentic connection with their destination, and eager outside the resort. 
Saint Lucia vs Antigua

11. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia has perhaps the most recognizable coastline in the Caribbean: The Pitons rise dramatically from the Eastern Caribbean sea and reach for the sky. Along with Dominica, Martinique, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada, Saint Lucia is one of the Winwards Islands that run north to south and make up the southern arc of the Caribbea chain. Each of these islands shares the same volcanic geology.

St Lucia probably is most well known for its romantic boutique hotels that surround the Pitons.  But those gorgeous resorts, up on the hillside with picturesque views, would also be perfect for young families to enjoy with a baby who’s not yet mobile. 

Beyond that, though, Saint Lucia’s riches would be lost on those with tiny travelers who simply want to putter around beachside.  Known for its mountainous interior and underwater world, it’s the ultimate Caribbean destinations for older, adventurous kids. 

Saint LUcia is: 

  • A top Caribbean destination for travel to a luxury resort with a baby; 
  • One of the best islands for kids eager to hike, snorkel, and explore; 
  • A not-to-be-missed destination for lovers of a stunning view.  
Best Caribbean Islands For Kids - St Barts

12. Saint Barts  

St. Barts is often thought of as a destination for the wealthy and famous, and it’s true that the island has its share of designer shops and luxurious resorts. However, St. Barts is also an under-the-radar choice for the best Caribbean vacations with kids.  

When in St. Barts with kids, it’s all about the slow pace, the beaches, and the animals. It’s a great choice for an easy, quiet vacation. And of course, no trip to St. Barts would be complete without trying some of the delicious French-Caribbean cuisine.

The island is home to some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, with calm waters and powdery white sand that is perfect for play. Kids will especially love the beach on the airport side of the island to watch the planes fly in — they come quite close!

St Barts is also full of animals. Kids can see iguanas, turtles, snails, hermit crabs, pelicans, and schools of colorful fish in the shallow beach areas. Start your mornings with a nature walk or hike to get some energy out and explore the island’s wildlife.

Best of all, because St. Barts is relatively small, it’s easy to get around without a car, making it a stress-free vacation destination for families. 

Want to learn more?  One of our favorite family travel bloggers hits all the highlights in her St. Barts with kids post. 

Saint Barths is:

  • Caribbean glam at its best, but with a secret laid back and relaxed side;
  • Welcoming of everyone kids included; 
  • A top pick for over-the-top luxury with kids on a small island with great food and beaches.  
Best Caribbean Islands For Families

13. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico makes many families’ lists of top travel destinations. You’ll almost always see the most affordable Caribbean flights to this destination, direct from many U.S. cities. Plus, no passport required also means no long lines at customs.

Most families make a stop in San Juan. This charming city has so much to offer: colorful buildings, accessible beaches, delicious gelato, and cobblestone streets and plazas to discover. El Morro and San Cristobal are two of the most popular forts in the Caribbean, and they offer great city and ocean views.

We recommend spending no more than a day or two in San Juan with kids. Then, get out and explore the island’s natural beauty, from the beaches of the East Coast, to the hills of El Yunque National Forest, to the crashing waves of Rincon, a surfer’s paradise. 

El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest system, and it’s an amazing place to hike and see waterfalls with kids. The El Portal Visitor Center is a great starting point, and from there you can choose one of several different trails depending on your fitness level and how long you want to hike.

You can explore El Yunque either from San Juan, or from Fajardo on the east coast. That’s where you’ll find beautiful beaches, bigger resorts, and a one of the most beautiful bioluminescent bays in the world

Or, take the road less traveled, and head west to the surfing mecca Rincon, which has a more bohemian atmosphere. Your kids will love hunting for shells on the beach and watching surfers from the point at the town’s lighthouse.

No matter where you go in Puerto Rico, your kids are sure to have a great time!

Puerto Rico is:

  • One of the best Caribbean islands for families who have less than a week, with daily direct flights; 
  • A great option for a last minute trip, with no passports required; 
  • Best for older kids who can enjoy the historic sights and rainforest.  
Blue Lagoon in Jamaica is Great for Kids

14. Jamaica 

Jamaica is one of the bigger Caribbean islands and has multiple, distinct tourist areas.  You could take several different family trips here and have a great experience each time. The thing we love most? The warmth of Jamaican hospitality.

If you’re looking for an easy all-inclusive resort to visit, with a kids club and all the frills, Jamaica’s Montego Bay has endless options. Or venture a little further, and try the infamous seven-mile beach in Negril.  Two very different options, we can help you choose between Montego Bay and Negril. 

Or be inspired to create at GoldenEye Resort in Ocho Rios. Or head completely off the beaten path to Jake’s Treasure Beach to see Jamaica’s undiscovered south coast.  Or better yet, split your stay between more than one location! 

For older kids, Jamaica has, even more, to offer beyond beaches and resorts. These can include river rafting, cliff jumping, and hiking the Blue Mountains. (Bring me home some coffee, please!) It’s also one of just a handful of Caribbean islands where you can go horseback riding in the water.

Lots of U.S. airlines fly direct to either Kingston or Montego Bay, making it easily accessible. 

Plus, when it comes to villas and all-inclusive resorts, Jamaica’s options are more affordable than many other islands. Everyone should go to Jamaica at some point, and definitely bring the kids.  (And don’t forget to sample some delicious Jamaican rum while you’re there.) 

Find the best Jamaica family hotels here for your next trip. 

Jamaica is:

  • A big and diverse island, with a true sense of national culture and identity; 
  • Great for kids of all ages, as the different regions all offer a different type of trip; 
  • One of the most affordable Caribbean islands for kids, good for families on a budget. 
Best Caribbean Kid-Friendly Destinations: St Thomas

15. St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

I’ll admit it: For many years, I told people that St. Thomas was not among my favorite Caribbean Islands. With the emphasis on duty-free shopping and crowds from cruise ships, it just didn’t feel like my style. But the truth? I just wasn’t doing it right.

I recently re-discovered St. Thomas as a family destination. This trip put the U.S. Virgin Islands squarely back on my list of best Caribbean islands for kids.

First off, St. Thomas is a short flight from many U.S. cities. With no passport required, the hassle of traveling with kids drops down a notch. There are direct flights from some European capitals as well.

Once you arrive, St. Thomas offers endless opportunities for beach-hopping, island-hopping, snorkeling, and hiking. We especially loved the Tree Limin’ Extreme zipline in St. Thomas for kids 5 and up, which is on the side of a hill with gorgeous views of Magen’s Bay Beach. 

St. Thomas also has the Coral World Ocean Park, one of the best (and affordable) seaquariums in the Caribbean, perfect for little kids who love marine life.

Perhaps the best part of St. Thomas, though, is that it makes for a great home base to explore the other Virgin Islands. You have easy access to St. John via the 20-minute Red Hook ferry. (That’s especially true if you stay near the east end of St. Thomas. We highly recommend Secret Harbour Beach Resort for families interested in exploring both islands.) You can explore the British Virgin Islands by ferry, too. 

St Thomas is:

  • An incredible home base for an island-hopping adventure through the US and British Virgin Islands 
  • Best explored with kids 5+ who can enjoy ziplining, snorkeling, and beach-hopping. 
  • One of the best Caribbean islands for kids without passports. 
Best Caribbean Kid-Friendly Destinations: St Thomas

16. St. John, US Virgin Islands

Just a 20 minute ferry ride from Saint Thomas, Saint John feels like a different world. St. John is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit with kids who are slightly older and down for adventure. 

Saint John is much easier to navigate than St. Thomas.  If you stay near Cruz Bay at our recommended hotel Gallows Point, you can walk into town for groceries and dining options. 

Most travelers to Saint John rent a car, though, which we highly recommend. Saint John is about 60% Virgin Islands National Park.  It has several beaches that rank among the best in the Caribbean, like Trunk Bay Beach and Maho Bay Beach, where you’re virtually guaranteed to see sea turtles while snorkeling.   

Rent a car, drive around, swim and explore. That’s the name of the game in Saint John. 

While there are a could of hotel options, Saint John is better known as a villa destination. That makes it a good choice for groups with older kids who can entertain each other, and who want to explore. 

St, John is:

  • A great choice for a multi-generational villa rental; 
  • Best for families with older kids who enjoy hiking and exploring; 
  • A top Caribbean destination for those who enjoy a small island and walkable town.  
  • Another top Caribbean island for kids without passports. 
Cayman Islands is one of the English Speaking Caribbean Countries

17. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Simply put, Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman is known as one of the Caribbean’s best, with calm waters that are great for yound kids, and also snorkeling enthusiasts. For an English-speaking destination, with lots of shops and restaurants, and direct flight options, Grand Cayman is a top choice for a family friendly island. 

The luxury hotels on Seven Mile Beach are a good fit for families with little kids, who simply want to take it easy on a great beach.  As your kids get a little older, venture beyond the resorts for animal encounters like snorkeling, swimming with stingrays, the turtle sanctuary, and starfish point.

Grand cayman is: 

  • One of the best Caribbean islands for toddlers, with calm seas and a gentle beach;   
  • A top choice for an easy, quick resort stay, with crystal clear blue water; 
  • Known for having some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean; 
  • Better for families seeking the comforts of home, rather than an off-the-grid getaway. 


Hotels vs. Resorts? All-inclusive hotel

18. The dominican republic 

The Dominican Republic is the ultimate quick and easy Caribbean getaway with kids. For families with active kids looking to get off for a few days to a resort with waterslides, pools, and entertainment, the Dominican Republic will always be a solid choice. 

Punta Cana reigns when it comes to large, all-inclusive resorts. That said, we want to emphasize that there’s way more to explore in the DR than cruise-ships-on-land. The Samana Peninsula, for example, is an adorable beach town with whale watching, wild beaches, and hiking opportunities.  And if you know where to look, there are some small, luxury boutique hotels to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. 
Whether your kids are seeking thrill or adventure, or you’re simply looking for an easy beach getaway, you can find it a reasonable price point in the Dominican Republic. That’s what makes it one of the best Caribbean islands for families. 

The dominican Republic is: 

  • One of the biggest and most varied Caribbean islands, with options for kids of all ages; 
  • The best choices for families looking for an affordable, big, all-inclusive resort. 
Bermuda With Kids: A Top Family Caribbean Island

19. Bermuda

Recommended by Victoria of Guide Your Travel, who spent childhood summers in Bermuda.  

Bermuda is a great place to visit with kids of all ages. The island is known for its paradise-like beaches with pink sand and crystal-clear waters. 

Bermuda is suitable for kids of all ages, but kids 6 and up will really enjoy the underwater world here.  Kids ages 12 and up can take advantage of introductory scuba diving classes.  And kids between the ages of 6 and 14 will enjoy the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Center which is a fun, interactive museum explaining Bermuda’s incredible underwater world and its history with shipwrecks. 

Another great activity for kids is to explore Bermuda’s stunning parks with hidden caves and underground lakes — lots to do for families beyond the beach. 

Note, though, that Bermuda can be an expensive place to visit, which is why most tourists come here as part of a cruise and only stay for one or two days. Bermuda can be more than a cruise destination for families. You could easily spend a week or two here without running out of things to do. Here are some tips for making your trip to Bermuda more affordable, so you can extend your stay! 

Bermuda is 

  • One of the best islands to visit with kids over the age of 6 
  • Best for the luxury traveler, as it is among the more expensive Caribbean islands 
Curacao vs Aruba for white sand beaches

20. Aruba

Recommended by Nikki of She Saves She Travels.

With plenty of amenities to make you feel at home, your family will enjoy the white-sand beaches of Aruba, definitely one of the best tropical islands for kids. On most of the beaches, you’ll be able to rent palapas and chairs for shade and comfort. 

For younger children, the sand in Aruba is perfect for building sandcastles — always family favorite. Be sure to visit Baby Beach for its shallow water and extra gentle waves.

For older kids, Aruba’s Splash Park, full of inflatables, offers a day of family-fun. You can also visit the Donkey Sanctuary, the Butterfly Farm, or take a tour on a pirate schooner and sail the coast of Aruba!

Teens will love the active adventures that Aruba has to offer. They can take windsurfing lessons, visit Arikok National Park and the Natural Bridge. Going parasailing or renting one (or more) UTV’s for the day is a fun way to explore Aruba. There are so many things to do in Aruba, you won’t get bored!

Travel tip for families: book accommodations in advance, especially if you want to stay in a hotel on Palm Beach. Many restaurants on Palm Beach require reservations for dinner, so plan accordingly.


  • One of the more built-up Caribbean islands, with lots of resorts and familiar restaurants; 
  • A top choice for travel with young kids and toddlers with tons of activities and calm beaches; 
  • One of the best islands to visit with kids over summer holidays, with great weather year-round. 
Nassau mega-resort in Bahamas

21. New providence island, Bahamas 

If you’re considering the Bahamas islands for your Caribbean family trip, you can’t go wrong! While these islands are not actually located in the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas are part of the Caribbean region and the ultimate tropical destination for families. 

Nassau on New Providence Island is, from most US cities, the most easily accessible Bahamas destination.  Nassau is most recognizable for its massive mega-resorts like The Atlantis and Baha Mar. But don’t fret, there are some smaller gems to find here too, plus some stellar local cuisine

We recommend pairing your trip to Nassau with a getaway to one of the more remote Out Islands, like Andros or Long Island.  That way, the kids can enjoy a few days of waterslides, and mom and dad also get some of the peace and quiet the Bahamas is best known for.  

Nassau, Bahamas Is: 

  • A great choice for young families seeking a quick getaway with a baby;
  • Good for a long weekend full of waterslides with older kids;
  • Best combined with the Out Islands for a full week. 
Best Exumas Bahamas Resorts for Families

22. Exuma, Bahamas 

Bahamas Fun Fact: The island nation of the Bahamas is made up of nearly 700 islands, though they aren’t all inhabited.  If you head out beyond Nassau, you’ll find warm blue water, long stretches of beach, and adorable small hotels, ranging from casual to total luxury.  

Exuma is a collection of more than 350 islands, brimming with hidden coves, natural wonders, and off the beaten track wild attractions. Some of these Exuma islands have amazing family-friendly resorts waiting for you. 

If you want seclusion, relaxation, and quiet beaches, it’s the Out Islands for you.  Destinations like Andros, the Exumas, and Harbour Island may take a slightly longer journey (unless you live in Georgia and the Carolinas, where you’ll find lots of direct flights!) but it’s well worth it. Put these islands on your Caribbean bucket list

The Bahamas easily makes our list of best Caribbean islands for families. 

What really stands out to us about the Bahamas are the long, sandy beaches in the Out Islands. If you want blue water as far as the eye can see, and shallow sloping beaches for small kids, these are the islands for you.  

The islands of Exuma, Bahamas are 

  • The best Caribbean destinations for families from Atlanta and Charlotte (direct flights!); 
  • An easy hop from Miami or Nassau for families traveling from elsewhere; 
  • A top Caribbean destination for clear blue water, endless beaches, and no crowds 


The Best Caribbean Island To Visit With Baby

It’s one thing to travel with kids who need activities, stimulation, and their own sleeping space. It’s another to take your first trip to the islands with a baby. Your needs may be totally different. 

Some of the best Caribbean Islands to visit with a baby are: 

  • Antigua 
  • Nassau, Bahamas 
  • Harbour Island, Bahamas 
  • Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 
  • Providenciales, Turks and Caicos 
  • Grenada 
  • Saint Barths 
  • Saint Martin 
  • Saint Lucia 


The great thing about traveling with a baby, of course, is that you can bring a baby anywhere. That said, many parents traveling to the Caribbean with babies seek out clean water, resorts with all the baby gear on hand, and safe, comfortable spaces to relax. Not to mention a generally friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where no one will mind the occasional cry. 


The Best Caribbean Islands For Families With Toddlers

Toddlers are a different consideration, altogether. With their newly found freedom of movement, and big personalities, it’s important to find a destination where toddlers can feel at home. 

These islands are the best Caribbean islands to visit with toddlers. 

  • Antigua 
  • Bequia 
  • Bonaire 
  • Curacao
  • Grenada
  • Saint Martin 
  • Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
  • Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 
  • St Thomas 
When planning a beach vacation with toddler, it’s all in the details. Whatever island you choose, they key will be finding a toddler-friendly hotel where your little ones can safely explore.  Prioritize a calm beach, and a pool with a great shallow end. And pick a room where you won’t mind lazing away the afternoons during your toddler’s naps.

Frequently Asked Questions

All three of the US Virgin Islands are great for kids! Families love the Ritz St. Thomas, the Westin Saint John, and The Buccaneer resort in Saint Croix. No matter which of the US Virgin Islands you choose, you can craft an excellent family vacation. 

The best Caribbean islands for a relaxing vacations are the ones with a slow pace, and gorgeous white-sand beaches. Antigua, Turks and Caicos, and the Bahamas are our top choices for pure relaxation.

The best Caribbean islands for island hopping are the ones with nearby neighbors.  We love combining the ABC Islands; the Virgin Islands; Saint Martin, Saint Barths and Anguilla; Saint Kitts and Nevis; and Guadeloupe, Dominica, and Martinique. The Grenadines are also another terrific option. 

Let Mango Tree Find Your Island 

The bottom line: You can’t go wrong in the Caribbean! There are so many kid-friendly Caribbean islands perfect for memorable family vacations.

But if this list of ideas sent your brain into overdrive, or if decision-fatigue has you shutting your laptop, let us take the hassle out of your travel planning. We’ll get you to the Caribbean while minimizing stress and hassle at every stage.