We get it. You plan your family's life, down to the hour, every day.

Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you have to.

Especially on vacation.
Let us help.

You’re juggling a million things. Your mind is on overdrive.

The last thing you need is to be more stressed by planning the travel that’s supposed to give you that break from the daily grind.

Let us take something off your plate.

Here’s the thing. We love doing travel research. Really, truly. We find immense joy in hunting for the unique and unexpected. We focus on the details that will ensure the whole family has a blast.

Custom Itinerary Design

$425+ per family - Best for 7+ Days International Trip

We’ll do it all, for truly effortless family travel.  We’ll brainstorm together to come up with a vision for your trip.  Then let us take it from there. We’ll curate a proposal for accomodations, transfers, tours, and recommended activites. You’ll have a beautiful, easy-to-follow itinerary to guide your way.

We’ll be with you each step of the way, working alongside in-country partners to find you awesome age-appropriate experiences. Concierge services such as restaurant recommendations and individual research challenges are included.

Currently Planning Trips to: Caribbean, Mexico, Colombia, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, most countries in Europe, and South & East Africa. 

Caribbean Destination Advice and Hotel Booking

$275+ PER family - Best for 5-7 day island getaway

Choosing the right Caribbean island for your family can be overwhelming — and extremely time consuming.  Lucky for you, we’re Caribbean experts here at Mango Tree.  Let’s discuss which island(s) might be the best for you, as they each have something amazing to offer.  

We’ll take your tropical travel wish list and match you with the islands and hotels that best fit your family. We handle hotel booking and airport transfers as needed, and then will connect you with your hotel concierge for restaurant and activity recommendations. For hotel and villa stays only, not AirBNB.

Travel Consultation for DIY Travelers


You’re not ready to work with a travel advisor for this trip, but you need a little extra landing on the right destination, hotel, or activities, or navigating logistics. Picking an expert’s brain can guide your way and save you an incredible amount of time. We’ll set up a call and work through your questions and concerns together–plus you’ll get the benefit of our research pre- and post-call to point you in the right direction.

Ready for someone else to take care of you for a change?

We’re so excited to plan the ultimate family trip! 

Oh, wait, this isn’t our vacation … But we’ll plan it like it is.

Please note: We are currently accepting new trip design requests for clients looking to make a minimum investment of $8,000. If that’s not what you had in mind for this particular trip, a travel consultation to help your planning may be your best bet.

Not quite ready for a new relationship?

Handing over the reigns can be intimidating. Especially when you’re used to doing it all.

How do we know? Mango Tree was started by a diehard DIY travel planner. If that’s your vibe too, start by exploring our trip itineraries. Plan your trip in a fraction of the time.