An Awesome Day On Water Island, U.S. Virgin Islands

March 16, 2022

Water Island US Virgin Islands - aerial view

You may experience a weird phenomenon when you arrive on St. Thomas: The dramatic views from its mountaintops make you want to leave.  Everywhere you look, more islands beg for exploration. One of those is Water Island. 

Many people search for “Water Island St Thomas,” because the two islands  are just a stone’s throw away.  But they are different and unique!  

Is Water Island worth visiting? And, if so, what to do on Water Island? Well, my daughter and I spent our dinner at a Mafolie restaurant St Thomas, with a postcard view, watching boats speed around nearby Water Island, asking these very questions.  

“Mom, we should go there,” she declared midway through her chocolate cake.

So we did.  And we had a blast. Keep reading for our full guide! 

view of Water Island USVI from St Thomas
Our dinner view at Mafolie Restaurant: Water Island off the shore of Charlotte Amalie

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Now, blend yourself a Creamy Dinghy (a Water Island signature drink) and start planning your day trip to this unique island getaway… 

ferry to water island USVI
Your ride from Water Island to St Thomas

Water Island USVI Basics 

Unlike its sister islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John, Water Island is a small residential island, with no hotels or tourism developments to speak of. The fourth U.S. Virgin Island – with a footprint of less than 1 square mile and a population of less than 200 – is often overlooked.  

The chance to take a cool day trip to a tiny island is among the reasons we think the US Virgin Islands are among the best Caribbean islands for families

How to Get to Water Island USVI, and How To Get Around 

Water Island Ferry From St Thomas 

It’s easy to travel to Water Island from St Thomas. The ferry to Water Island leaves every hour on the hour from Crown Bay Marina in Charlotte Amalie (schedule here). Get yourself to Tickles Dockside Pub using google maps, and you’ll see the ferry out front.

If you’re staying at Secret Harbour Beach Resort — our favorite St. Thomas hotel — the trip to the marina takes about 25 minutes. 

It’s worth arriving a few minutes early for the Water Island ferry to get coffee and gelato at Scoops & Brew.  I walked in expecting to order coffee for me, ice cream for the kiddo.  I walked out with limoncello gelato at 9:30am and do not regret my choice.  We were perfectly primed to enjoy the ferry ride.  Total travel time across the channel: 10 minutes.  

The ferry returns at quarter past each hour, with the last ferry leaving at 6:15pm.

Golf cart from Rachel's Rentals Water Island USVI

Rachel’s Rentals: Golf carts

Ok, so you’ve arrived on Water Island from St. Thomas. So how to get around once you’ve gotten there?  

You’ll find Rachel’s Rentals just a short walk up the hill from the ferry dock.  It has a bit of a junkyard feel when you arrive, but you’ll be greeted warmly and soon be on your way. $55 gets you a golf cart for the day. Call ahead!  The carts get booked weeks in advance.  Lucky for us, someone returned a cart early, so we were able to get one last minute.

There’s something about golf carts that shifts kids into their happy gear.  Activities involving transportation by cart get bonus points on our family trips.  Our daytrip to Water Island became a done deal when we learned we could explore by golf cart

Map of Water Island 

Along with your golf cart, Rachel’s golf cart rentals will provide this map of Water Island to help you get around! 

Map of Water Island, US Virgin Islands

What To Do On Water Island

Our Water Island highlights: explore by golf cart, scout for cacti among the palm trees, catch a hammock nap at a beach bar, and don’t miss the fish tacos.

Cactuses, Bunkers, Shaved Ice, and Sweeping Views 

You’ve gotten your golf cart, and now you’re on your way!  Avert your eyes when you see Honeymoon Beach appear over the first hill. You’ll get there, I promise, but first explore the island. Let the kids enjoy the freedom of being set loose on a golf cart in paradise. You’ll see – 

  • The road to Fort Segarra – a World War II bunker – is lined with several cactus variations. The fort was built to protect a submarine base on St. Thomas. 
  • Sweeping views of St. Thomas and open ocean 
  • The Crossing – roadside shop selling local art and shaved ice 
  • Limestone Beach – a secluded, often empty, rocky beach 
  • Heidi’s Hilltop Hideaway (formerly Heidi’s Honeymoon Grill, it moved)  – known for its fish tacos 
view of St Thomas from Water Island US Virgin Islands

Dinghy’s @ Honeymoon Beach, Water Island

When Honeymoon Beach appears over the hill, your eyes can’t help but squint as its white sand and transparent waters reflect the beating sun.  It’s a literal oasis in Water Island’s desert landscape. 

Your hands won’t be able to help themselves but to turn the wheel down-hill.  

It may look like a postcard, but Honeymoon Beach also is unrefined — in the best way.  The local roosters won’t be shy about searching your beach bag for snacks. The lively atmosphere of Dinghy’s Beach Bar attracts locals and tourists of all types.  Steve Bennett from Uncommon Caribbean captured the vibe perfectly: “A little loud, A LOT sweaty, and all kids of sultry.” On this quiet island, people come to party the day away in the sun.    

Don’t let the party vibe deter you with kids – Honeymoon Beach somehow is kid-friendly all the same. We saw just as many snorkelers as drinkers, and several babies. The beach slopes gently with no waves.  The beach stand rents not only the standard beach chairs and umbrellas, but also hammocks and pool noodles.  The music keeps everyone’s energy up.

Honeymoon beach tips:

  • Dinghy’s runs a shuttle between the ferry and beach, so no golf cart needed if the beach if your only stop
  • Rent a free-standing beach hammock instead of a beach chair, for the same price ($10)
  • Bring towels from your hotel. Or, forget like we did, and buy a $35 souvenir towel  
  • Be prepared for high prices at Dinghy’s ($25 for fish tacos) 
Honeymoon Beach View
The view of approaching Honeymoon Beach, Water Island
Spend the day at the beach on Water Island
A beach hammock and frolic at Honeymoon Beach

Heidi’s Hilltop Hideaway

Water Island has two restaurants, both mentioned above: beachfront Dinghy’s and hillside Heidi’s.  Heidi’s food truck sits up on a hill, with a deck looking back at St. Thomas, golf carts parallel parked out front. 

One couple on our ferry told me they trek to Water Island each time they visit St Thomas just to eat the fish tacos here.  Heidi’s also make a mean grilled cheese (reports my daughter, who would not let me have a bite). 

It may be a challenge to tear yourself away from Honeymoon Beach to experience Heidi’s.  If you start your Water Island journey at the beach, you will be tempted to eat lunch at Dinghy’s – a respectable choice. (That’s especially true if you have kids who unravel from hunger on a moment’s notice.)   

But consider stopping at Heidi’s before you settle into the beach.  Or, tide everyone over with a snack at Dinghy’s, and leave room for post-beach tacos.   

Heidi's Hilltop Hideaway, Water Island US Virgin Islands
Heidi's Hilltop Hideaway

And that’s it! Catch the ferry at your leisure to return to the hustle and bustle of St. Thomas. The next time you gaze across the ocean to Water Island, you can smile at the memory of having seen how the other side lives.

Like our travel style? Great news. We’re here to help you have similar adventures on your next Caribbean trip!