Best Restaurants in Saint Martin For Families

May 17, 2024

Best Restaurants in Saint Martin with Kids

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For a food-focused Caribbean vacation, it's hard to do better than the restaurants of Saint Martin.

When Mango Tree clients tell me that good food is a priority for their Caribbean family vacation, my mind immediately wanders to the best restaurants in Saint Martin.

We’ve created a lot of island travel guides here at Mango Tree, but our guide for French Saint Martin has one of the longest list of dining options to get excited about.  You’ll find a mix of casual lolos and fine dining, beachfront settings to enjoy a crips glass of white wine – and lots of kids menus to boot! 

What we love most about the best restaurants in Saint Martin is the fusion between Caribbean specialties and traditional French cuisine.  You can start your day with a fresh-baked croissant, have classic Caribbean curried conch for lunch, and a French cheese plate as part of your dinner.  

We’re partial to the French side of the island – which also boasts many of the best restaurants in St Martin, including the best French restaurants (naturally).  Below, we share our recommendations for the best restaurants on both sides of Saint Martin – but we’ll start with our favorites on the French side. 

French Saint Martin Family Travel Guide
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Our complete Family Travel Guide for French Saint Martin serves up the perfect balance between beach time and cafe vibes.

Even the pickiest eaters will be impressed.
Family-friendly dining at Grand Case- Saint Martin

Best Restaurants in Saint Martin – French Side

Best Restaurants – Grand Case St Martin

1. Le Blue Martini 

Known for sensational burgers and a family-friendly courtyard for little legs to let off some steam, Le Blue Martini in Grand Case is perfect for parents looking for a casual dining experience. Live music adds to the lively atmosphere as the night progresses. It’s one of our favorite choices for families among the best restaurants in Grand Case St Martin. 

Family-friendly dining at Sky's the Limit - Saint Martin
Lobster time at Sky's The Limit lolo in Saint Martin

2. Sky’s The Limit

With its Caribbean zest for life, Sky’s The Limit serves up local island favorites like codfish accras and garlic shrimp.  If you’re staying in Grand Case with kids, this is the place to let them try a heaping plate of Caribbean cuisine.

Spiga - French Saint Martin restaurant
Delightful dining at Spiga Saint Martin

3. Spiga 

Nestled in Grand Case, a stone’s throw from two of our recommended Saint Martin hotels, Spiga is high on the list of best family-friendly Saint Martin restaurants.

Spiga has been the favorite of several Mango Tree families. It delights parents and kids with its Italian-inspired cuisine and friendly atmosphere.

From seafood risotto to homemade pasta, each dish is a testament to the chef’s skill and passion for good food. It’s considered one of the best restaurants in Grand Case St Martin. While there’s no kids’ menu, the chef is flexible for picky eaters. 

Villa Royale -French Saint Martin Family friendly restaurant
Photo Courtesy of Villa Royale

4. Villa Royale

Led by a chef with roots in Haiti, Villa Royale offers a unique take on Creole cuisine with a French twist. From Haitian rice to goat curry, every dish is bursting with flavor and served with a side of Caribbean hospitality.  If you want your kids to try something new – and highlight the unique fusions of this destination – then Villa Royals is one of the best restaurants in St Martin’s french side to try out. 

Rainbow Cafe -French Saint Martin restaurant
Freestyle dining at Rainbow Cafe

5. Rainbow Cafe

Rainbow Cafe, a freestyle French beach club cafe, offers a boho atmosphere overlooking Grand Case Bay with mesmerizing views towards Anguilla. It’s a bit of a Grand Case institution, offering fresh food paired with refined cocktails and a selection of fine French wines. 

We love that the children’s menu here is more refined than average, offering little ones steak, fish, or chicken, a chef selection side, and two scoops of ice cream. 

Family-friendly Restaurant in Saint Martin - Anse Marcel
Photo Courtesy of Anse Marcel Beach

6. Anse Marcel Beach Restaurant

Anse Marcel restaurant is between Grand Case and Orient Bay, and is our top beach recommendation for families on cruise ship days in Saint Martin. Cruise passengers tend to bypass this more remote beach for hot spots like Maho Bay Beach and Pinel Island. 

Anse Marcel is a calm beach for kids. You can sip fancy French wine and dine on fresh fish at this beachfront restaurant, and then flop on the sand while the kids build sandcastles. Anse Marcel Beach Restaurant is open every day for a sophisticated breakfast & lunch by the sand. It’s one of the best lunch restaurants in Saint Martin for families wanted slightly elevated cuisine in a calm setting. 

Best Restaurants – Orient Beach St Martin

Family Friendly Dining at Kontiki - Saint Martin
Photo Courtesy of Kontiki
Family-friendly dining at Bikini Beach Bar- Saint Martin
Something for everyone at Bikini Beach Club in French Saint Martin

7. Kontiki Beach Restaurant 

Located right on Orient Bay Beach, Kontiki Beach Restaurant offers a beach club vibe with stunning views of the turquoise water. Indulge in beach classics like ceviche and fish tacos, along with French delicacies like pork belly and pastries. It’s among the best restaurants in Orient Bay St Martin.

Our favorite beach clubs for families in Orient Bay Beach - Saint Martin are Kontiki Beach, Bikini Beach, which has a French cheese plate and also has a kids’ menu, and Coco Beach, for beach classics like ceviche and fish tacos in a beautiful beachfront environment.

All three of these beach clubs rank among the best restaurants in Orient Bay St. Martin – and they are great for families because kids don’t have to sit still at a table, but can play in the sand while you relax with a glass of wine.


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8. Sao Asian Factory

For a break from French cuisine, Sao Asian Factory blends authentic Eastern flavors with Caribbean charm. With a classic kids’ menu available, it’s a great option for families looking for something different.

Family-friendly dining at Bon Mama Pizzeria- Saint Martin
Pizza is always a good idea at Bona Mama

9. Bon Mama Pizzeria 

Bona Mama serves a great selection of Pizza, salad, rotisserie chicken, and great wine choices. What more could you want on vacation with kids?

10. Le P’tit Bistro

Le P’tit Bistro is a bit of an institution in St. Martin. You can tell it’s a family restaurant, with a cozy and casual atmosphere, but passionate about good food. Many of the dishes mix traditional French cuisine with modern touches. 

If you love poutine, you can find it here!  (And if you don’t love poutine, I’m not even sure what to say.) 

11. Le Cottage 

In a chic bistro atmosphere, your taste buds will be amazed by another mix of Caribbean cuisine and the refinement of French tradition. The menu includes foie gras lasagna and its morel sauce, the famous lobster bisque with its flaky crust or the “Angus” Rossini beef fillet. Splurge on the “lobster menu” or wine pairing for a big night out.

12. Chez Yvette

Eat with the locals at Yvette’s, another great island spot for local favorites, if you happen to find yourself in the Quartier D’Orleans, just down the way from Orient Bay. Specialites on the menu include fried plantains, crab back, and curry coconut chicken. 

Best Restaurants – Marigot St Martin

Family-friendly dining at Rosemary's Lolo- Saint Martin
Kids at Rosemary's Lolo

13. Rosemary’s

As the oldest lolo in the area, Rosemary’s is a beloved institution on the Marigot waterfront.  

Simply put, Rosemary’s is not-to-be-missed. From traditional Creole dishes to hearty breakfast plates, this Saint Martin restaurant offers a warm welcome and delicious food for the whole family.

It’s considered one of the best restaurants in Marigot St Martin – and the lovely Rosemary will make your kids feel right at home. 

14. Chez Coco 

Daily specials like goat and chicken curry and stewed oxtail sell out early in the day at Chez Coco, one of the island’s best restaurants. The restaurant also serves steak, red snapper, tuna, salmon, and mahi-mahi prepared in various ways, but the specialty is conch Creole, a signature that you can’t find elsewhere.

Croissant Royal -French Saint Martin restaurant
Must-not-miss croissants at Le Croissant Royal

15. Croissant Royal

A popular bakery in Marigot, Croissant Royal offers beautiful views of the marina along with delicious crepes and French croissants. It’s the perfect spot for a leisurely breakfast or lunch.

16. Express

Open all day, Express bakery and pastry shop offers a wide range of house-made products to satisfy your cravings. Stop by whenever you need an emergency carb infusion or a quick bite. It’s among the best restaurants in Marigot St Martin.

Mezza Luna - French Saint Martin restaurant
Beachfront Italian dining at Mezza Luna Restaurant

17. Mezza Luna Restaurant

Located in Marigot, Mezza Luna Restaurant offers delicious Italian cuisine with a beachfront setting. From wood-fired pizzas to fresh seafood pasta, every dish is crafted with care and served with a smile. It’s among the best restaurants in Marigot St Martin, and we often recommend it for the first night dinner for families staying in villas in Les Terres Basses. 

Everyone can settle into vacation with pizza and wine on the beach.

18. Jungle Room at Loterie Farm

Nestled amidst the trees, Loterie Farm’s Jungle Room offers a unique dining experience with locally-inspired dishes crafted from fresh, seasonal ingredients. Spend the day exploring the farm and enjoy a relaxing lunch break here. It’s among the best restaurants in St Martin / St Maarten.

Best French Saint Martin Restaurants For A Date Night 

There are so many kid-friendly restaurants on Saint Martin’s French side – but a few are best reserved for a night out without the kids. Our favorite Saint Martin hotels all offer help arranging babysitting services. Get one night out sans kids and book a table at one of these great spots- 

Villa Hibiscus -French Saint Martin restaurant
Photo Courtesy of Villa Hibiscus

19. Villa Hibiscus

Villa Hibiscus used to be located on Pic Paradis but moved near Orient Bay to a garden setting. The French-trained chef produces stunning dishes like grilled chestnut mousse with black truffles. The open glass kitchen allows you to see the chef work. 

This is definitely a foodie experience more than just a meal. It’s only open from Tuesday to Saturdays, and choose your tasting menu at the time of booking and opt for a wine pairing for a complete experience. Leave the kids behind for this one unless you have adventurous eaters. It’s among the best restaurants in St Martin.

Family-friendly dining at Ocean 82- Saint Martin
Fresh Seafood at Ocean 82

20. Ocean 82

Seafood lovers who want an ocean view should pick Ocean 82 for their date night. It’s a high-end, modern French restaurant focused on all the tastes of the sea. It’s among the best restaurants in Grand Case St. Martin, with a very lively vibe at night, albeit a bit on the pricey side.

Although we recommend this white-table cloth establishment for an adult dinner in Saint Martin, you can take the kids! If you come at 5:30pm before the dinner rush, you’ll catch the sunset while the team lets the kids touch the lobsters and see the fresh seafood. 

21. Bistro Caraibes

Bistro Caraibes is often dubbed the best restaurant in Saint Martin, and perhaps one of the best in the Caribbean. White tablecloths, caviar, escargots, and the house specialty: Lobster! This is a classic date night option, and indisputably among the best restaurants for dinner on St Martin’s french side. 

Family-friendly dining at L'Atelier - Saint Martin
Photo Courtesy of L'Atelier

22. L’Atelier

This is the place for you if you love a great steak or seafood, an extensive wine list and a personal story. L’Atelier Saint Martin is owned by Chef Alexandre Deglise, who grew up on the island and first worked as a waiter. The bistro-style menu celebrates the flavors of Saint Martin. With a chalkboard menu featuring dishes like wagyu beef and seared foie gras, it’s a treat for a night out. 

Sunset Beach Bar -French Saint Martin restaurant
Front row plane viewing at Maho Bay Saint Martin

Best Restaurants in St Martin – Dutch Side

As you can tell from this post and our other Saint Martin content, we typically stick to the French side of the island. But there are definitely a few great family-friendly Sint Marteen – Dutch side restaurants worth visiting.  

1. Best restaurant – Simpson Bay St Martin – Sunset Beach Bar

No trip to Saint Martin would be complete without a visit to Sunset Beach Bar.  Come here for the experience moreso than the cuisine.  Located on Maho Bay Beach, Sunset Beach Bar offers the front-row seat to watch planes fly in. It’s the ideal spot for a late lunch with breathtaking views.

Da Waterhole - French Saint Martin restaurant
Kids lunch beachside at Da Waterhole

2. Best Restaurant – Mullet Bay – Da Waterhole 

Mullet Bay Beach is one of the best Saint Martin beaches for kids, and worth a cross to the Dutch side to visit.  While there, you’ll find great vibes for lunch with kids in Sint Maarten at Da Waterhole.  A morning at the beach plus family-friendly lunch restaurant in Saint Martin make this a worthwhile vacation stop. 

2. Best Restaurant – Dutch Cul de Sac – Emilio’s 

It’s worth crossing the border to the Dutch side for Sunday brunch at Emilio’s. The restaurant is located inland, in a historic family sugarcane estate, and you can feel the history in the brick walls. 

When we’re in the islands, we always seek out a traditional Caribbean breakfast that includes saltfish and Johnny cakes, and this is where you’ll find it. Plus, kids are half off for brunch, a huge perk for families looking to dine on Sint Maarten’s dutch side. 


With its rich culinary heritage and diverse dining scene, Saint Martin offers a feast for the senses. From French bistros to beachfront cafes, there’s something for every palate to enjoy on the island. So indulge in the flavors of Saint Martin and savor every moment of your dining experience in this tropical paradise.

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