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We understand how intimidating it can be to start traveling with kids.  Or to keep traveling with kids as your family grows and changes. 

We learned to travel as a family with our daughter, and had to re-learn in many ways when our son arrived. But that learning process is all part of the journey, and one we’re determined to continue. 

You can do it too! And we’re here to help.  Our mission at Mango Tree is to make travel easier for you. 

This page collects our best family travel resources and tips to help you along your own family travel journey.   

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Why Trust Our Family Travel Tips and Resources? 

If you’ve just discovered Mango Tree Travel, and are wondering what we’re all about, here’s the short version: We launched in 2022, setting out to make family travel easier.  We built a curated collection of kid-friendly hotels across the Caribbean, and designed search filters to help parents like you find the best hotels for your families.  (We’re quite proud of them, so check them out!)

As parents of two young kids, we know it sometimes feels like you don’t have enough time for coffee, let alone think about leaving town with your kids. We’re here to help streamline the process for you.

To build our hotel collection, we’ve traveled to more than a dozen Caribbean destinations with our kids, scouting for the best hotels. During our own travels, we’ve learned so many great tips for traveling with kids, and discovered excellent resources and products to make travel with kids easier!   

We’ve collected them all on this page for you. 

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Now, pour yourself a glass of wine and get amped up for your next family trip… Not sure what you want to ready today? Simply browse our latest posts

Why We Travel With Our Kids

We’re all about encouraging family travel here at Mango Tree. These articles are intended to help you reflect on why to prioritize travel with kids – even when it’s hard. 

Let’s get traveling – and bring the kids

Hi, I’m Lee, the founder (and for the moment, everything else) of Mango Tree Travel. I loved to travel before I had kids and have made it a priority to keep traveling with them. I decided to become a family travel planner, and launched Mango Tree Travel to inspire and

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The Importance of Family Vacations

We all know our kids benefit from travel. But the importance of family vacations for parents are often overlooked? Keep traveling when you have kids — it’s worthwhile for them, and has tremendous benefits for you.

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Travel Products We Love

Travel Gifts For Moms: Aloha Beach Bag

12 Best Beach Bags for Moms in 2023

Best overall pick: the Aloha Collection Day Tripper Bag. As a mom, somehow you always find yourself carrying a ton of stuff when you head to the beach with kids. You need a good beach bag.  But traipsing through websites and stores to find the best beach bags for moms takes

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Tips for Hotel Travel With Kids 

Sometimes it’s easier to book apartment or self-catering vacation rentals with kids.  But just because you’re a parent, doesn’t mean you have to stop staying at unique and awesome hotels.

To the contrary, our ultimate goal here to help you find the right hotels the whole family will love!  Wondering how to make hotels work for you?  Check out these articles. 

Ultra All-Inclusive Resort

The Next Level Resort? What is an Ultra All-Inclusive

What is an ultra all-inclusive resort? And is it different from the traditional types of all-inclusive resorts that families often select for an easy vacation? The term ultra all-inclusive has been popping up at more and more vacation resorts, so we just had to understand it.
Read on to find

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Front door of boutique hotel

5 Key Characteristics of A Boutique Hotel

What does the term boutique hotel mean, really? Independently owned, boutique hotels can be extremely family-friendly. Learn the five key characteristics of a boutique hotel, and why they can be a great choice for travel with kids.

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Family Staycation

5 Easy Kids Staycation Ideas

We can create the same separation from our daily routine without going out of town. A staycation with kids — meaning a deliberate and intentional effort to enjoy the place you live as though you were on vacation — can leave us feeling as refreshed as a mini-vacation.

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Tips for Beach Travel 

You know we love the Caribbean.  During our travels, we’ve learned some great tips for family beach vacations that can help you enjoy the islands and more.  

Toddler Beach Vacation

Beach Trip With Toddler: Pack this, Do That! (2023)

Going on a toddler beach vacation is exciting – but can be a little daunting. We are here to put your mind at ease, mom! We’ve put together our best tips for tackling a day at the beach with a toddler, and the ultimate toddler beach essentials packing list

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Tips for Travel With Babies

Tips For Helping Baby Sleep On The Road

Baby Sleep When Traveling: An Expert’s Advice

For the first few months with a new baby, one topic dominates our thoughts: Sleep. When someone suggests a family vacation, our first feeling may be anxiety rather than enthusiasm. Get tips from an expert for minimizing anxiety and conquering baby sleep when traveling.

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