Best Travel Gifts For Moms – All Made By Women!

September 6, 2022

Awesome Travel Gifts For Moms, Made By Women

Looking for the best travel gifts for moms? Excellent, moms deserve it. And I guarantee you can find a  fantastic and unique gift for mom on this list.  

I’m always on the go with my kids, and over the years I have found some amazing products that make my life as a traveling mom easier. Many of these items would make exceptional gifts for moms on the go, and so I wanted to share them with you!  

You know what’s even better? 

All of the products on this list are made by hardworking, impressive women in business. You can give a traveling mom a gift she’ll love and support women entrepreneurs!

The mom on the receiving end of your gift will be thrilled to get something unique that boosts up other women too.   

Some of these business owners have offered our audience a discount. Be be sure to use the links and codes provided to get the best price possible on these top travel gifts for women!   

Happy Shopping!

Table of Contents

About This Travel Gifts For Moms Collection 

Before I dive into my recommended gifts for moms who travel, let me explain a little bit about this gift guide. 

This list is not like every other gift guide out there. You won’t find any links to Amazon here. We’re not going to send you to cheap travel mugs or luggage tags. 

Every single product on this list is made by a women-owned or family-owned company. Many of these founders are also moms. These gifts for moms on the go are made by women who understand their wants and needs. 

When I launched Mango Tree, I knew I wanted to make a difference by encouraging and assisting family travel. But I did not expect to uncover a community of other strong, female entrepreneurs with their own unique visions.  

I have been incredibly impressed with the women-run businesses I have encountered along my own journey.  I wanted to support these brave women in business, while also supporting the traveling moms my own company is intended to serve.

The result?  This list.

The women whose products are featured on this list of unique gifts for moms have poured their hearts and souls into their companies, and into their products. 

In short? You can trust that their gifts will be well received by the traveling mom you’re shopping for.

This guide includes some of my personal favorite items that I pack in my own suitcase when traveling with my kids.  It also includes items I would love to receive as mothers’ day travel gifts from my own family (hint, hint).  

If you’re looking for gift ideas for moms who love travel – whether for a mothers day gift, a birthday, Christmas, or just because — this list will have something for everyone.  

Travel Gifts for Moms To Help Keep It All Together: Travel Bags and Organizers

Moms carry so much stuff when traveling with kids. They are often in charge of keeping the whole family organized, making sure everyone has easy access to the things they need. 

We love finding travel gear for moms that makes this enormous task more manageable. These are some of our favorites.

Two friends, Heather and Rachel, started Aloha with a Kickstarter campaign in 2014. Their bags have been a huge hit in Hawaii and elsewhere. They opened their flagship store in Waikiki just last year.

Their tropical-print Day Tripper tote bags have the little details moms need to stay sane at the beach. I can verify from personal experience that they are splash-proof and easy to clean.  They fold down small, ideal for packing in a suitcase. They have an expandable zipper on the top, and three zipper pockets to keep phones (or pacifiers) dry and accessible.

You can also buy matching small and mid-size pouches to keep things organized inside the bag. The pouch doubles as a fun purse to grab for dinner at a resort, a makeup bag, or a diaper bag for quick outings. (In fact, on its own, the inner pouch itself make good travel gifts for mom.) 

We especially love that Aloha has a page dedicated to traveling moms explaining what types of parenting items (from snacks to toys to wipes) fit in each size tote.  In short, we think these some of the best travel bags for moms headed to the Caribbean.

Use this Aloha link to get 20% off your purchase. Or use the code ALOHAMANGOTREETRAVEL20

When you travel with kids, things get disorganized in a hurry. Snacks fly in one direction, toys in another. The last thing mom needs is a tangle of iPad and phone cords adding to the chaos. 

Every frequent traveler should have a cord organizer, but it’s not something most people think to buy themselves. That’s what makes one such a great gift!

Dagne Dover is a women-founded company. And, on top of that, the Arlo tech organizer comes recommended by the female founder of Wild Terrains, a travel company that organizes fantastic women-only group trips. Trust these women to help your traveling mom stay organized on the road.

Travel Patterns designs modern-day lifestyle accessories using handcrafted techniques inspired by global textiles. They partner with artisan cooperative around the globe — and  I love that their website even features travel guides to the places in the world its artisans live in.

The company’s mission is to empower women, in the hopes of helping to create “a world where every woman understands her unique value” and “is empowered to boldly pursue her daring life adventure while enabling others to do the same.” Now that’s a mission we should all support!

The Luzon Clutch adds a pop of color to any travel outfit.  It has a removable leather cross-body strap, which means it can be worn hands-free while mom is out with the kids.  And it has a top zipper enclosure to keep important travel items safe and secure. 

Use the code TAKEFLIGHT to get 10% off your purchase.

Steph, the CEO and Founder of Keep Your Cadence, wanted to create a product that “helps everyone feel both chill, prepared, and proud at the same time: ready with everything we need, without any worries.”  This seems like a lofty ambition for moms traveling with kids, but one we should absolutely support. 

Steph designed travel capsules that would allow women to travel with the things that make them feel grounded. This sentence on the website says it all: “What goes in the capsule? Just think about the products that make you feel like you. And now you have the answer.”

Steph took the time to do it right. She prototyped over 200 designs before landing on the winner. The capsules are all made with sustainable material. And she guarantees that they will not leak or break.  

The capsules can replace a travel jewelry case – use one capsule for your earrings, rings, or other jewelry for the road. It will keep mom’s cosmetic bag neat and tidy. 

If you want to help a traveling mom keep her own toiletries organized in a calming and stress-free way, go with a starter set of 6 Capsules from Keep Your Cadence

Travel cubes make moms’ lives easier on the go. And moms love gifts that make their lives easier. While packing for vacation, travel cubes help keep clothes compact and organized, so moms can pack for everyone. 

While on the road, the travel cubes can be repurposed. Moms can use them to keep day-bags organized with one cube for snacks, another for extra clothes or beach gear, and another for small toys.

There are plenty of packing cube options available through Amazon or other retailers. But for a unique gift for a traveling mom, try the Organizers Road Trip Print from Walker Family Goods.

Like us, the Walker Family parents “continually try to defy the motion that you can’t travel with kids or that traveling with kids is difficult and should be avoided until they are older and self-sufficient.”  The goods the family produces are designed to make travel simpler, easier, and totally doable. That’s our kind of travel gift for moms. 

Gifts For Moms Traveling With Babies...

The A to Z Adventure Mat is an on-the-go playmat designed for traveling families, by traveling families. It was created by Jamie, mom of 2, who was constantly adventuring with her babies. It fits in a carry-on suitcase, making it easy to bring along no matter the destination.

Jamie and her husband would use random furniture to “make” something to hang toys for their baby to play with while on the road. Why isn’t there a compact play mat for travel, they wondered?  After hunting for one and coming up short, they decided to create their own.

This travel gift idea is best for babies under 12 months, and would be a great baby shower gift for a traveling mom.

Use the code MANGO15 for 15% off your A to Z Adventure Mat.  

When I started traveling to the Caribbean with my second baby, I went on a hunt for the best summer baby carrier. I wanted something breathable, small, and waterproof for the beach. As it turns out, there aren’t many baby carriers out there that meet this requirements. But all you need is one.

The Integra Solar baby carrier has a bit of a cult following among those who have discovered it – and for good reason.  It folds down small and can be packed in a suitcase. The sun-protective material is breathable, waterproof, and blocks UV rays. There is even a built-in hood to keep your napping baby’s head out of the sun.

My baby has taken many beach and boat naps in this carrier and I can’t recommend it enough s a gift for moms who love to travel to warm-weather destinations. Plus, it comes in super fun colors.

Use this affiliate link to get $20 off your Integra Solar carrier when you buy it from Little Zen One! (Just search for Integra Solar on the site.) 

When my second baby outgrew the Integra Solar carrier, the Tush Baby took its place.  

The Tush Baby is my go-to travel baby carrier for a 1-2 year old toddler. I didn’t discover it until I had my second child, and frankly I wonder how I survived traveling with my first without it. It’s perfect for moms traveling with little ones who constantly want to be picked up, but then quickly put back down again to walk around.  

Basically, it’s a modern-day fanny pack, with pouches to hold a phone, wallet, and even a diaper and wipes, but also a seat to hold a baby. Mom can use at the airport when going through security and walking around travel destinations. She can pick her toddler up without straining her back, and while keeping a hand free to maneuver the suitcases.

My personal favorite use for the Tush Baby, though, is to secure airplane sleep for my toddler. Stand up in the aisle, spin the seat around to the front, and bounce your little one to sleep without breaking your back.

Get a 10% discount by using this MangoTree affiliate link to buy your Tush Baby!   

This luxury clothing set was designed by Amanda after she learned to navigate travel with twins. 

Three things caused Amanda anxiety while traveling with two little ones: (1) fitting everything she needed on a flight into a carry on; (2) changing a whole outfit when one baby made a mess to keep her babies looking stylish; and (3) her babies got cold on the airplane and she wanted warm layers to help them sleep.

Her super soft baby clothes, made of pima cotton and cashmere, solve all three problems. The pieces are very thin they can all fit into one carry-on. Every piece can be mixed and matched with any other so you don’t have to change an entire outfit after each spill, a huge space saver. And the flannel hoodie and pants are very warm for cold airplane cabins.

In short? If you’re looking for gifts for moms who love to travel in style, start with the 3-piece flannel Capsule Closet. It will guarantee that her baby stays cozy on travel days (and looks cute in photos too). Mom can buy other sets to mix-and-match as desired. 

This gift choice is another great option for managing baby messes on the road. Protect those cute outfits, and mimize the need for on-the-go wardrobe changes. 

The reality is, messes will happen. And it’s hard for moms to pack enough outfits to keep babies clean on the road. That’s especially true because moms often offer extra snacks during travel days (and extra ice cream on vacation!) which lead to even more mess. On top of all that, many babies are prone to motion sickness. 

Enter the Car Seat bib. It was created by a mom navigating car sickness. This oversized bib, made with highly absorbent materials, is specifically designed to keep kids clean while on the road. Incredibly, it captures 86% of liquid on contact!

If the mom you’re shopping loves bright colors, head over to Mili Mili immediately.

Rose was shopping for a birthday gift for Kelsey’s one-year old. But the standard, gender-neutral and pastel baby items didn’t seem to match Kelsey’s bold and bright style. So Rose literally sewed Kelsey a custom wearable blanket for her baby in a pink and teal flamingo print.  Love it.

From there, Rose and Kelsey founded Mili Mili to offer parents safe, breathable, and high-quality wearable blankets and sheets – which come in fantastically bright colorful patterns.

When we travel with a baby or toddler, we always bring our own travel sheet. It ensures that the baby has a soft blanket to rest his or her weary head. And we like giving our little one something familiar at night if we’re moving around to different hotels.

The Mili Mili travel sheet is happy and bright, and we’d be overjoyed to receive it as a gift. Reviews uniformly emphasize the softness of the bamboo materials. And it even comes with a travel bag too for easy packing.  

Gifts To Keep Mom Comfortable and Stylish...

Stylish pajamas are a critical item for moms traveling with kids. When kids wake up early at a hotel, it’s great to be able to leave the room without getting dressed – whether for breakfast, coffee, or just a morning beach walk. So we’ve included a few sleepwear items on this gift guide to suit every mom’s tastes.

First up is Sunday Dawn. Lauren Ives launched this sleepwear shop in Summer 2022 and almost immediately sold out her launch inventory. The name reflects the peace you feel on Sunday mornings, when the world outside your window is a little slower.

Lauren sources her pajamas from women-owned and ethical companies. I got a tropical pair for our last Caribbean trip. They looked stylish enough that I did not hesitate to wear them to breakfast at a luxury hotel, or to the beach for sunrise when my littlest one woke at the crack of dawn.   

The Leena & Lu T-shirt nightgown is another great sleepwear gift for traveling moms. This company was founded by sisters Ofelia and Kathya, both moms. These founders honor their Peruvian roots with sleepwear and loungewear that is handmade in Peru with 100% organic Pima Cotton.

Ofelia and Kathya want to support women and local businesses as much as possible. That’s why they partner with small, women-run factories in Peru to create their garments.

Their pajamas are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and breathable – designed for hot and humid tropical destinations.

These nightgowns would make a great Mothers Day travel gift.

Mer Sea offers women a curated collection of travel essentials. Founders Lina and Melanie, both moms, met when their children were in school together. They shared a love of travel (and the ocean) and wanted to inspire exploration to locations old and new.

The Mer Sea classic travel wrap is an excellent piece to add to any traveling mom’s collection. It is a versatile sweater that looks good over anything. And it doubles as a blanket for the kids on a long flight. When I travel to a tropical destination, I only bring one sweater with me, and it’s always the Mer Sea wrap.

The founder of Nextdoor Goddess, Vicky Garmiri, speaks my language.  She believes that “every single woman deserves to feel phenomenal,” and wants to help women feel their best in every moment.

In her former career, Vicky discovered that the right accessories helped her find her inner professional confidence. This personal discovery ultimately inspired her to launch Next Door Goddess, a hand-crafted artisanal jewelry line that lets women be bold with brightly colored, Greek-inspired designs.

As for travel: All of her pieces would help a mom feel fantastic on the road. But we’re especially excited about her beaded ring stacks

Sometimes moms don’t want to pack their wedding rings when they travel, for fear of loss or theft. But, it’s nice to have something else to wear in their place. The Next Door Goddess four-ring stack would offer mom a sparkly replacement perfect for tropical destinations.

Use the code MANGO20 for 20% off any design on the website this September!

On a recent Caribbean vacation, I got into our rental car after a day at the beach, and the steering wheel was hot to the touch. In that moment, I wished I had a pair of Sol Amie driving gloves.

These unique gloves are a passion project by Christina San Jorge whose background is in beauty and skincare.  She was inspired by her grandmother, who had a skincare spa in Miami. For more than a decade, Christina worked in the medical aesthetics field, where she learned that women’s hands are the first part of the body to show signs of aging.

Christina realized she could design something both stylish and practical to help women protect themselves from sun damage.  If you’re shopping for a stylish mom  especially if that mom loves spending time in the sun – help her make a fashion statement with these luxury SPF 50 driving gloves.

An added benefit? Christina created jobs for other women in bringing her vision to life. All of Sol Amie’s products are handmade by women, in the USA.

You have to love a mom with confidence.  Sara Joy was often told that her color choices were too bold, too loud. She refused to let her artistic style be dictated by others, and launched her own resortwear brand “to empower positivity and strength through print and color.”

One thing that’s fun about traveling to tropical destinations is that our vacation style need not necessarily mirror our professional or at-home style. I, for one, love to be more colorful and bold on vacation than I might in my daily life.

Sara’s black painted paisley caftan is her best-seller, and an awesome and unique cover up for a mom headed on a tropical vacation. It closes at the front, goes with everything, and is designed to be super light and soft in the heat.

Help a mom travel boldly and confidently with Sara’s colorful cover-ups, one of the best luxury travel gifts on our list.  Use the code JOYFUL for 10% off! 

Ellen Hockley-Harrison launched her company during COVID, shortly after her son was born. Exercise helped her get through quarantine, but she found she couldn’t find pieces that fit her changing body and supported her for long workouts.

She wanted to design an activewear line that combined comfort, style, accessibility, sustainability, and support. And so Evergreen was born.

On travel days with my kids, I find I need extra support. I also want to look somewhat together when I arrive at our destination. 

Evergreen’s legging are a great choice for traveling moms. While they can be maternity leggings, they fit women of all sizes. They have zippers on both sides of the waist perfect for when mom is feeling a little puffy after a long travel day. (It happens to the best of us.)

They are nearly full length to the ankle so will add some extra warmth on flights while also staying breathable. They have a thigh pocket on both legs or easy phone access, or for a kid’s pouch, granola bar or just some extra cash!

If you’re not sure which size or style your traveling mom would like, opt for a gift card. They come at a $50 base price but can be personalized for any amount desired.

Anna and Erica co-founded Glad & Young to make leather goods that are “daring, colorful, and full of personality.” They want each of their products to be exciting to own, but also fully functional and long-lasting.

Glad and Young’s travel journal is one of several items in their shop that we would include among the best gifts for traveling moms. They also have cord keepers, a leather passport holder, a makeup bag, a bright and colorful sunglasses sleeve, and more. Take a spin through their accessories section to find a personalized gift for a mom who loves to travel with a unique sense of style.

To Give Mom A Break On the Airplane...

Founder Beth Fynbo came up with the idea for the Busy Baby shortly after having her first baby. She was having lunch with some friends and their one-year olds who kept throwing things on the ground. Mom needs a break, she though, and “there has got to be something I can buy for my son so we can enjoy a peaceful lunch!”  

When she couldn’t find it, she created it. (This story resonates with us, since Mango Tree was similarly created out of a desire to make life more relaxing for busy moms.) The Busy Baby Mat has extra-sticky suctions on the bottom to stick to smooth surfaces.

What distinguishes this from other suction baby placements? Two things. First, the Mini Mat is designed to fit travel trays, and would be excellent for airplane travel.  

(It also sticks to the window for extra entertainment!)

Second, Beth has designed bungees that attach toys, cups, and spoons to the mat, keeping things off the floor when baby tries to toss them at the airport.

Use this Busy Baby link or the code MangoTree15 to get 15% off your order!

One big thing scares many new parents away from travel: that dreaded flight with kids. We envision being the parents with the child who screams his or her head off on the entire flight, earning dirty looks from other passengers.  

In some senses, this is just a mental hurdle we have to get over. Sometimes the flight will be terrible, but you take the trip anyway! That said, there are things we can do to maximize our chances of success.

Bri Hepworth, the founder of Mini Voyageur, knows a little something about traveling with kids. She’s a mom of four who continues to prioritize travel. When she first started traveling as a parent, flying with her baby caused her enormous anxiety. She would pack loads of toys to ensure she had something to entertain her kids.

Wouldn’t it be nice, she thought, if someone could put together a set of toys for the airplane to give nervous moms one less thing to think about? Absolutely! So she did. Her travel kits can be customized by age range, size, price, and more.  

I have them for both my kids. They live in a closet in our front hall. When we go out to dinner, a grab a single toy. When we have a long flight, I grab the whole kit. I love having this rotation of toys to keep the kids entertained and to give me a break when I’m on the go.

Self-Care Gifts For Moms Who Travel...

When Cassidy Brown, founder of  St. Brown & Co., described her Mango & Green Coconut candle scent as a tropical vacation in a candle, we had to include it on our list. 

(Admittedly, we may be a bit partial to this gift given our love for all things Mango.)

Through her high-end candles, timeless design, and carefully crafted scents, Cassidy seeks to create a “feeling of luxury,” for her clients—the ultimate treat.

This is a great gift for a mom who needs a break but can’t get away at the moment. The aroma “instantly transforms any space into an island paradise.” Mom can create calm vacation vibes in the comfort of her own home (Do her a favor, and give her the ingredients to make Pina Coladas, too.)

I recommend combining this gift with the eye mask listed below as a Mothers Day gifts for travelers, for ultimate relaxation. 

On evening airplane rides, traveling moms hope their kids will take a snooze.  If they do, it’s always helpful to block out the harsh cabin lights with an eye mask.

But why settle for any old eye mask? Give a traveling mom and eye mask she can enjoy while on the road, and perhaps also use to help her kids block out the light on the plane ride.

Chelsea founded the Terrae Collective to help people to create an oasis, to unwind, and to put themselves first. All her products are made in small batches, with reusable tools and minimum waste.

Her peace meditation eye mask incorporates Amazonite, Amethyst and Lavender to dispel negative energy and relieve anxiety (which let’s be honest, it sometimes necessary when traveling with kids).

Use the code MANGOTREE15 to get a 15% discount off your Terrae Eye Mask.

Add A Little Something Extra…

Whatever gift you choose for your traveling mom, dress it up in a piece of fabric wrapping paper from ShikiWrap’s Ocean Conservation Collection.  

These wraps truly are a gift-within-a-gift. The material is so strong and stretchy that moms can fold them up, pack them in a suitcase, and reuse them as a travel tote bag on the road. They’ve been known to also double as superhero capes.

When you purchase one of ShikiWrap’s deep blue ocean themed prints, proceeds benefit a The Rozalia Projet, a nonprofit organization dedicated to marine clean-up. Why not support ocean conservation efforts while making your gifts beautiful?

Travel comes with so many ups-and-downs, sometimes it’s nice to have something small to ground you in moments of uncertainty.  

Carmen Starks, founder of Starks Candle Co. wants to encourage all of us to take care of ourselves with positive energy and good vibes – something moms traveling with kids absolutely need.

Starks Candle Co.’s travel tin candles are specifically designed to be popped into a suitcase or overnight bag. Not only will they add an extra level of luxury to any trip, but with scents like “calm” and “relax,” they will help mom keep her cool.  

If you’re looking for luxury travel gifts for her, be sure to add on some travel tin candles.

So there you have it! 25 of the best travel gifts for moms around — all unique, and all made by women. We hope you’ve found one that will delight your gift recipient. 

Have a favorite product you would include on this list? We plan to update it quarterly, so reach out and let us know!