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Perks and Upgrades

Our luxury travel agent partners have connections. From hotel room upgrades to complimentary breakfasts, free wi-fi and early check-in, resort credits, spa treatments, and more (all depending on availability, of course), we’ll work hard to get you VIP’d.

Personal Connections

We prioritize building relationships with the owners and staff at the hotels we recommend. We look for welcoming hosts that will get to know us, and make you – and your children – feel like top tier guests. 

Girl Bosses Never Gatekeep.

Did you keep scrolling to try to figure out why this is free? What’s the catch?

Here's the truth:

Mango Tree was created out of a need we saw, not a business strategy. We wanted to create a place for busy moms to find great hotels. That’s it.

But along the way, we realized that we can add even more to the experience. Us being involved gets other people a better vacation. More perks, more insider tips, more trust. We benefit when you book through us, but not on your dime. Sometimes the hotel will pay us a separate commission for the booking. More importantly, our bookings show hotels that families trust our guidance and follow our recommendations.

Booking Form

*Please use this form once you’ve picked out your destination, hotel, and dates of travel. If you still need help figuring those out, don’t fret! We offer travel planning services too. (But there’s a different form for that.) 

*We do book hotels that aren’t profiled on our site. We do not, however, book with points. If you’re wondering whether we can handle your booking, just ask.     

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Breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of settling into a comfortable, sophisticated hotel room.

Of throwing open the patio doors to take in the view — while your kids are welcomed by hotel staff with open arms.

You're so close.

Need more?

We do more than just hotel bookings!

We have custom travel planning packages for you, depending on what you need. If you need help choosing a Caribbean destination, we have a service for that. Need some ideas for activities once you’re there? Done. And if you want someone to plan the whole trip, from beginning to end, we do that too.