Complimentary Hotel Booking

You’ve found a fabulous hotel, and you’re packing your bags. We’ll get you across the finish line. 

Send us the details of where you want to go and when, we’ll get you a quote within 48 hours, and you’ll be booked in no time.

Book through Mango Tree at no cost to you.

Here’s how we’ll make your life better.

Perks and Upgrades

 We’ve got the insider access to preferred partner programs with our favorite hotel brands, and we’ll work hard to get you VIP’d. From room upgrades to complimentary breakfasts, resort credits and more (all depending on availability, of course), you’ll feel the extra touches when you book through Mango Tree.

Personal Connections

Travel is a people business, and relationships matter. We prioritize building those relationships with the owners and staff at the hotels we recommend. We look for welcoming hosts that will get to know us, and make you – and your children – feel like top tier guests. 

Complimentary Hotel Booking Form

** Take advantage of Mango Tree’s partnerships and access VIP amenities at luxury hotels by booking through us. Please use this form if you’ve already picked out your hotel and want to book through us for an extra touch, and hopefully some perks

** If you need help choosing a hotel or destination, we can help with that! Check our our trip planning packages and and fill out our planning inquiry form here

** We can absolutely book hotels that aren’t featured in our hotel collection! We cannot, however, book with points. If you’re wondering whether we can handle your booking, just ask.     

Your travel partner, not a gatekeeper.

Did you keep scrolling to try to figure out why this is free? What’s the catch?

Here's the truth:

Mango Tree was created out of a need we saw, not a business strategy. We wanted to create a place for busy moms to find great hotels. That’s it.

But along the way, we realized that we can add even more to the experience. Us being involved gets other people a better vacation. More perks, more insider tips, more trust. We benefit when you book through us in the form of commissions – this is a business after afer all – but not on your dime. Most importantly, our bookings show hotels that families trust our guidance and follow our recommendations.

Need more help?

Explore our travel planning packages

We have several travel planning packages to fit your trip planning needs. From destination consults to custom luxury itineraries, there’s something for you. 

Breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of settling into a comfortable, sophisticated hotel room.

Of throwing open the patio doors to take in the view — while your kids are welcomed by hotel staff with open arms.

You're so close.