Caribbean Destination Guides For Families

Ready for a trip to the Caribbean with kids? 

Looking for the best Caribbean destination guides?

You’ve found the right place. We’re your ultimate guide to Caribbean family travel, and this page collects our stuff.  

Mango Tree’s mission is to set parents up for successful family vacations. When we decided to create this new family travel platform, we wondered: Where should we start? It was an easy answer: The Caribbean.  

We’ve personally traveled to more than a dozen Caribbean destinations, including Grenada, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Saint Martin, Roatan, Puerto Rico, Bonaire, Curacao, Colombia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas.  

Beyond that, we’ve done our research — a lot of it! — and gathered the best tips from our friends, clients, and other Caribbean connoisseurs who share our love for the region.

Our goal? By 2023, we plan to have the most comprehensive resource around for Caribbean family travel.

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Table of Contents

Caribbean Hotels For Families

Below you’ll find our complete destination guides for traveling with kids to top Caribbean destinations — from the most popular islands to the regions hidden gems. Plus, we’ve compiled lists of the best activities with kids, kid-friendly restaurants, best beaches, and more.

But before we dive in – a word about hotels. 

You can’t plan your Caribbean vacation until your hotel is booked. And you should know that we’re kind of obsessed with finding the best ones.

Although we recommend hotels in some of our blog posts, our pride and joy is our separate collection of family-friendly Caribbean hotels–which you can explore using search filters designed for parents. If you’re interested in finding the best place to stay for your family, don’t miss our find-a-hotel page!  

Now, without further ado, enjoy  exploring our best Caribbean travel guides for your next family trip!

General Caribbean Destination Guides

Caribbean Travel

The Ultimate Caribbean Bucket List For Families

I’m not wild about the term “bucket list” to be honest; it treats travel experiences like something to check off a list. But the term “bucket list travel” has come to mean the kinds of travel experiences we get super excited about, and the remote locations we might only visit

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Reasons to Spend October in the Caribbean

5 Best Caribbean Islands To Visit In October

We have always loved October in the Caribbean. It is the low season for many islands, making it a great time to score deals and avoid crowds. If you see the value to off-season travel, the Caribbean is one of the best places to visit in October and other fall

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Ultra All-Inclusive Resort

The Next Level Resort? What is an Ultra All-Inclusive

What is an ultra all-inclusive resort? And is it different from the traditional types of all-inclusive resorts that families often select for an easy vacation? The term ultra all-inclusive has been popping up at more and more vacation resorts, so we just had to understand it.
Read on to find

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Caribbean Travel Blogs To Inspire Adventure

10 Caribbean Travel Blogs To Inspire Adventure

Looking for the best Caribbean travel blogs? Mango Tree’s own Caribbean travel blog is meant to inspire families to travel to the region. But when we head to a new Caribbean island, we want advice from other experts. We turn to these 10 Caribbean travel bloggers and travel guides for

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Bonaire Destination Guides for Families

Bonaire Best Beaches Shoreline

15 Best Bonaire Beaches For Families

We recently fell in love with Bonaire as a family travel destination. This small island has so much to offer, including some of the Caribbean’s best snorkeling – and some incredibly, gorgeous beaches with easy access to sand and reef. If you love a good beach with turquoise waters,

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Colombia Destination Guides for Families

Baru Island Beach in Cartagena

How to plan an epic Cartagena, Colombia beach vacation

Contemplating a Cartagena Colombia beach vacation with your kids? If so, you’re making a fantastic choice and we can’t wait to help you plan it. This vibrant city, with its family-friendly mentality, is actually the perfect option if you’re yearning for culture with a side of beach. 

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Grenada Destination Guides for Families

The languages of Grenada island

Language In Grenada: Will I Be Able To Get Around?

While English is the official language in Grenada, it is not the typical language spoken. Instead, most locals grow up speaking an English creole that borrows from French, various African languages, and native influences. Before you board your plane, take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with a few phrases, and

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Grenada family travel guide

Grenada With Kids: The Ultimate Guide

Grenada, oh how I love Grenada. This special island sparked my love for the Caribbean, and inspired the name Mango Tree travel. See my complete destination guide to Grenada with kids, with tips for the best hotels, beaches, activities, and restaurants.

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Jamaica Destination Guides for Families

Roatan, Honduras Destination Guides for Families

Roatan Divers in Roatan, Honduras

You Must Go To Roatan With Kids. Here’s Why.

Roatan is welcoming, easy, and full of kid-friendly activities that parents will enjoy too. You could craft a top-notch family vacation in Roatan with kids of all ages. That said, if you do wait until the kids are old enough to snorkel or dive, that’s where Roatan really shines.

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Saint Martin Destination Guides For Families

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Destination Guides for Families

Turks and Caicos Destination Guides For Families

US Virgin Islands Destination Guides For Families

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