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September 13, 2022

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Change of Scenery Swimsuits For Mom

Swimwear for moms. Ugh. Let’s be honest: It’s a challenge that sneaks up on the best of us.  

But I’ve come across a new gem in the market for mom swimsuits! Allow me to introduce you to Change of Scenery, an accessible but luxurious resort wear and swimwear line, designed by Jamie Banks, working mom of three.

Best Swimwear For Moms on Vacation

I met Jamie through Entreprenistas, a networking community of trailblazing women in business.  As soon as we connected, I sat down with Jamie to get to know her, to hear about the mission behind Change of Scenery, and to learn about how she brought her idea to life.  

As it turns out, Jamie and I are on a similar mission. 

I want to make tropical family travel easier for busy moms like you who deserve a break. Jamie wants to help you feel fantastic and happy in your body when you get there. Together, we’ll set you up for vacation success!

I can’t wait for you to discover Jamie and her swimsuits, and I hope that you find confidence through her brand, as I did. Read to the end and you can even see family photos of me in her swimwear. I loved my new suit enough to wear it in photos (and post them on the internet).

If that’s not a rave review, I don’t know what is.  

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Caribbean Family Travel Resources

Before we dive in — if you’re a mom shopping for swimwear, you should know about our tropical travel resources for families. 

Did you know we have a collection of recommended family hotels in the Caribbean? I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s sort of our pride and joy. 

Wishing someone else would just handle the logistics for a change? We’re here for that too. Every family is different. We specializing in helping parents like you find the best Caribbean island and hotel for your family trip. 

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Now, pour yourself a big glass of wine and let’s talk swimsuits for that beach vacation… 

Swimwear For Moms Who Play With Kids

Meet Jamie Banks, Founder of Change of Scenery

Jamie Banks spent 10-years in swimwear design, including for Kate Spade, before launching her own line of swimwear for moms and professional women in March 2022. She is a working mom of three who understands the struggle.  (In many ways, she is the target audience of her own company.)  

She saw a gaping hole in the swimwear market, and jumped right in. She learned how to write a business plan, how to strategize for marketing, and how to source product.  But perhaps her biggest lesson learned launching her own company? How to ask for help.   

As Jamie puts it: “Tell anyone that will listen what you’re going through in your business because somebody might hear you and have a suggestion that you never would have asked for help on.”

With the help of her network, Jamie launched Change of Scenery in 2022. Currently, you can buy her suits directly from her website – but she’s working on getting into stores near you!

One Piece Swimwear For Moms

The Mission Behind Change of Scenery Bathing Suits 

Here’s a story that will sound familiar to many of you mamas out there: Your next vacation is quickly approaching. You’re running through the checklists, making sure you have enough sunscreen, pool toys, plane toys, and new bathing suits to fit each of your kids. You’re planning ahead to make sure your baby will sleep on vacation, or your toddler will behave at the hotel.

But a few days before your trip, you realize something: What about you? You’ve been too busy to try on your own swimsuits to see if they still fit, let alone go shopping for a new one, and you end up going with old faithful (the slightly stretched out one piece bathing suit from last year) or buying a $20 update on Amazon that can get to you within 2 days.  

Why does everyone else get something new and shiny, but not mom? 

Sound like something that’s happened to you? Well then, you my friend, are the person Jamie Banks had in mind when she designed Change of Scenery. Working for more than a decade in swim design, she realized that modern and busy women between the ages of 30-55 have been left high and dry in the swimwear market.  

She truly believes that women like you — who do everything for everyone else but never treat themselves to anything — deserve to feel fantastic in her swimwear.  (And we agree! That’s why we’ve put together a whole gift guide for moms who travel to help guide your loved ones to get you the right stuff.) 

Why should you have to choose between a skimpy bikini and a conservative, full coverage, unflattering one piece suit? You shouldn’t.

Change of Scenery pictures a world “where a woman can put on her bathing suit and feel like the best version of herself;” a suit that “makes her feel sexy, but not overexposed. Comfortable, but not invisible.”  Picture flattering mom bathing suits that offer comfort, but with a little flair.

Best Swimwear For Moms on Vacation

What’s So Great About This New Brand Of Swimwear For Moms 

Change of Scenery’s bathing suits are designed to be flattering on every body type. The one- and two-piece swimsuits are all made from sustainable fabric, with sun protection and extra padding and support to keep you feeling secure.

Mom In Swimsuit Playing With Kids

Here’s a quick overview of the different styles:

One Piece Swimsuits

Change of Scenery offers 4 one-piece swimsuit styles (the Niki, Deb, Lindsay, and Elizabeth). Each has a flattering neckline and unique details.  The Niki – the most popular style, which I’m wearing in these photos – has a deep neckline, adjustable straps, and a power compression lining across the front to keep you feeling comfortable and sexy.  

Two-Piece Suits 

The brand also offers two bikini top pieces, and two separate bottoms, which can be mixed and matched for different body types. These, too, are designed to flatter every body. The high waisted bottoms, in particular, have compression mesh lining across the floor, with flatting tummy control.

Currently, all suits are offered in 8 different color options, with my personal favorites being Animal Dot and Modern Art.

One Piece Bathing Suit For Mom
Photo by @LoveShotsCuracao

My Honest Review Of Change of Scenery’s Bathing Suits For Moms (With Photos!)

I brought one of Jamie’s swimsuits on a trip with the kids to scout Caribbean hotels for Mango Tree. And I loved it.

I’ll admit it: At that moment in time, I wasn’t feeling great about my mom body. Frankly, even when I’m at my most confident, I’m not wild about being photographed in swimsuits.  

But not only did I feel great in my Change of Scenery swimsuit — I even loved being photographed in it!  I can say from personal experience that the Change of Scenery Niki one-piece suit is a top-notch tummy control swimsuit.

The Niki provides full coverage so you’ll be comfortable playing with your kids, but it doesn’t feel like a frumpy mom suit. It’s for sure one of the best bathing suits for tummy control I’ve worn since entering the world of swimsuits for moms.  So if you’re looking for bathing suits for mom belly control, this one’s a winner.

We took some great photos on that family vacation and this swimsuit gave me the absolute confidence to feel good.    

That’s what Jamie’s trying to accomplish – and she nailed it.  

Swimwear For Moms Who Play With Kids
Photo by @LoveShootsCuracao

Why High-Quality Swimwear For Moms Is Worth The Investment 

One last note from me: This is a luxury brand, and it shows.  The construction of this suit is amazing and it blows my cheaper Amazon suits out of the water.

A lot of women hesitate to spend real money on swimwear. I get it! When you can buy a swimsuit on Amazon for under $30, why spend more?  Especially when we think we might lose a few more pounds in the coming months or years. Shouldn’t we wait to make an investment?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a mom of two kids is that it’s critical to try to feel good your skin those first few years of having kids. If you’re like me – with two kids under 5 – it may very well be that your body is not in the place you want it to be forever. And that’s OK!  But you’ll want to look back at your family photos from this beautiful moment in your life and love them.  You deserve to. And investing in good, slimming bathing suits is one step in the right direction on the post-pregnancy self-confidence battle.

So do yourself a favor and get a swimsuit now (whether from Change of Scenery or elsewhere) that makes you feel awesome. 

And I’m so happy that there are other women in business out there thinking about how to help you do that. 

Jamie has given Mango Tree readers a 15% discount, so don’t forget to use the link below to shop when you’re ready! 

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