Explore the islands in a whole new way.

With its stunning beaches, lively cultures, and kid-friendly adventures, the Caribbean is one of the best regions in the world to discover together. Whether it’s relaxing at a low-key resort with your new baby or hiking the iconic Pitons in Saint Lucia with your teens, bring your family’s Caribbean dreams to life. 

Here at Mango Tree, we plan trips all around the world. But our hearts are in the islands.

But wait! No need to start from scratch. Grab our FREE GUIDE to traveling the Caribbean with kids of every age! Get specific travel tips and Caribbean hotel recommendations to discover together at each phase of life. Ok, ready? Now start exploring.


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Puerto Rico

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Not sure which island is for you? 

We can help with that. 

Our Find Your Caribbean Island page is designed to help busy parents like you sift through the noise and pick the right destination for your family. But if you’re wishing someone would do that for you, you’re ready to learn about our travel planning packages.