10 Caribbean Travel Blogs To Inspire Adventure

August 23, 2022

Caribbean Travel Blogs To Inspire Adventure

Looking for the best Caribbean travel blogs? You’ve come to the right place.

Mango Tree’s Caribbean travel blog inspires families to travel to the rich and amazing region — and to help you do so with kids in an easy and memorable way. But the Caribbean’s natural beauty and vibrant culture make it impossible for one site to cover everything it has to offer. (That’s why we keep going back!)

When we head to a new Caribbean island, we want advice from other experts. This post highlights 10 Caribbean travel bloggers and travel guides we trust for detailed and accurate information about new destinations. 

The travel blogs on this list are not just travel blogs with some Caribbean content. 

Each of these travel blogs is completely dedicated to Caribbean travel. 

Many are written by locals, and all have helped our research for travel to Caribbean destinations. They are packed with information on everything from luxury island getaways to budget-friendly beach vacations, and lots more still about what is happening around the islands.

There are a lot of great bloggers out there who write about the Caribbean and also other destinations around the world. But if you want detailed information from someone who focuses on the Caribbean — besides us, of course! — start with these 10 Caribbean travel blogs.

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Mango Tree’s Caribbean Travel Resources

Before we dive into the other Caribbean travel blogs we love, we want to make sure you know what you can find here at Mango Tree.

First, did you know we have a whole collection of recommended family hotels in the Caribbean? 

We’ve made it easier for busy parents like you to find the right Caribbean hotel for your family, with space for everyone. But don’t take our word for it: Explore our collection using search filters (like room size) that we designed just for parents. 

Wishing someone else would just handle the family logistics for once? We’re here for that too. We offer bespoke Caribbean family travel planning services. Our specialty? Helping parents narrow down the choices to identify the best Caribbean island and hotel for a top-notch trip with kids.  

And finally, want more Caribbean travel inspiration in your life? Sign up for our weekly newsletter, where we feature a Caribbean destination each month and highlight our favorite hotels and family travel tips. We also share our best Caribbean destination guides for families

Now, pour yourself a Pina Colada and start planning your next Caribbean adventure…

10 Best Caribbean Travel Blogs 

1. Endless Caribbean

The writer behind Endless Caribbean was born and raised in Barbados. He’s committed to learning everything he can about the region to help people travel there in a more authentic way. It’s a great mission backed up by particularly well-researched posts.

With more than 100 articles to lose yourself in, Endless Caribbean lives up to its name. It includes a Culinary Directory highlighting the food festivals in various Caribbean islands, plus resources for finding dining options in just about every Caribbean location. 

Perhaps the best part of this blog, though, are the creative and sometimes punny itinerary names, such as “The Long Kiss in the Bahamas Itinerary” for honeymooners, “Mind, Body and Soul: A Cayman Islands Luxury Getaway Itinerary,” and “Nature Calls: Wildlife in the British Virgin Islands Itinerary.”

2. Caribbean and Co.

Caribbean and Co. is one of the most thorough Caribbean travel blogs we’ve found. Ursula, its writer, realized that very few Caribbean travel blogs and guides are actually written by people from the region. She set out to change that. Ursula is one of several female travel bloggers we feature on this list.

Ursula’s Caribbean travel guide offers overviews of more than 30 Caribbean countries, including basic information about how to get there, when to go, which airlines fly there, hotels and things to do, weather, and more. These insights are presented in an easy to navigate template for each island. Whether you’re choosing a destination or looking for specific suggestions once you get there, Caribbean and Co. is a great way to get oriented.

3. Exploring Caribbean

Exploring Caribbean’s writers acknowledge that there are many of us out there highlighting the region’s best islands and beaches, whether on blogs or Instagram. They seek not to “compete with them, but to compliment them” by digging into the details of “what makes each place especially unique.”

The blog is run by Lucjan and Ewelina, who live in the United States but have both traveled extensively to the Caribbean. They also frequently publish guest posts written by other Caribbean-addicts, and interviews with Caribbean business owners, bloggers, artists, and more. Their articles cover 20+ Caribbean destinations, so if you’re headed to an island, check if they have any quick history lessons or distinctive suggestions.

4. The Traveling Island Girl

Riselle is originally from Curaçao but now lives in St. Maarten. Her site, The Traveling Island Girl, offers not only hotel and experience recommendations from around the Caribbean, she’s also got some great tips on how to travel in the region, including a handy list of Do’s and Don’ts.

Riselle offers a locals guide to one our favorite island destinations, St. Maarten. (See our own post on the island’s best beaches with kids.) A distinctive voice, a local’s knowledge, and a love for travel spill out of these pages. Hard not to smile and get excited for any of her recommendations. 

A personal favorite? Riselle’s series called “Chasing Murals” captures colorful Caribbean street art in various destinations, including Curacao and Guadeloupe.

5. Uncommon Caribbean

Brothers Steve and Patrick from St. Croix share my passion for Caribbean travel and culture. Their mission is to guide you on an “engaging journey” through the sunny islands.

The Uncommon Caribbean travel blog stands out as much for its style as its content, with on-point imagery, just the right amount of humor, but also sophistication. A top post includes a classic daquiri recipe (to accompany their deep bench of rum reviews). Steve has also made it to a Mango Tree favorite: Dragon Cay Resort in Middle Caicos.  (He’s got some great Dragon Cay photos too.) 

I’ve only skimmed the surface of this thorough guide to travel in the Caribbean — they have hundreds if not thousands of articles — but I can’t wait to dig in and read more.

6. Island Girl In-Transit

Aisha is from Trinidad and Tobago and loves to travel around the Caribbean. Her Caribbean travel blog is an engaging catalogue of her adventures. She offers in-depth coverage of the destinations she’s visited, which include Havana, Cuba, and several islands in the West Indies such as St. Lucia, Grenada, and of course her own Trinidad and Tobago.

We love to see that she’s often laughing in her photos, clearly enjoying her journey and making you want to tag along.

And clearly she has good taste. She’s not only visited Grenada many times (an island we love, as you can tell from our own ultimate guide to Grenada) but also that she recommended some of my favorite unique activities there, I was hooked.

7. Carib Journal

Admit it: Do you delete most newsletters after a brief skim? We do, but not the daily update from Carib Journal. Delivered in short, bite-size servings, Carib Journal highlights Caribbean goings-on, particularly in the hotel industry. Sign-up for a daily dish of Caribbean inspiration and the most up-to-date happenings.

8. Caribbean Castaways

When we launched Mango Tree and did a deep dive into the other Caribbean resources out there, the Caribbean Castaways podcast hosted by Rum Shop Ryan and Castaway Crystal was one of the first we found. In particular, an episode about Roatan, Honduras caught our attention.

Fast forward a few months later: the first official Mango Tree scouting trip was to Roatan. We absolutely loved it, and it’s now covered as a top destination on the Mango Tree blog (check out our Roatan guides).  If you’re looking for travel inspiration, Caribbean Castaways will deliver. 

Ryan and Crystal want to help make it affordable for everyone to travel to the Caribbean. If you’re looking to get to the Caribbean on a budget, they have launched a Caribbean discount card, called the Caribbean preferred card, that secures you discounts on various hotels and activities.

9. Around the Caribbean

The mission of the Around the Caribbean travel blog is one I can get behind: “To provide accurate and reliable content” to help prospective visitors to the region plan their best trip. 

Around the Caribbean is an especially great resource if you’re trying to pick between two Caribbean islands. Many of their posts are styled as vacation destination comparators, such as “Aruba vs. Dominican Republic (Which Vacation Is Better)” and “Punta Cana vs. Puerto Rico (Which Vacation Is Better).” 

10. Jet Set Sarah

In many ways, we’ve saved the best for last by rounding out this list with Jet Set Sarah. Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon is, without a doubt, a Caribbean expert – and perhaps the most widely known on this list. If you spend enough time poking around the internet looking for Caribbean travel tips, you will certainly come across something she’s written.

She’s an award-winning travel journalist and has been featured by brands such as Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler. Based in Miami, she’s written about travel destinations all across the Caribbean region.

What makes Sarah unique? Perhaps it’s her style. Jet Set Sarah loves to shop. Her style shines through in all of her photos, with bright pops of Caribbean color, killer shades and flashy sneakers. Her fun wardrobe and sense of adventure makes you want to hide in her carry on.

What’s Your Favorite Caribbean Travel Blog? 

You now have our list of the best travel blogs focused entirely on our favorite region for family travel.  (Besides our own Caribbean travel blog, which we hope inspires you to explore the region in the same way these blogs inspired us.)  

If we’ve missed your favorite Caribbean blogger, or you want to share your blog with us, please reach out! We’d love to hear from you.